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Feb10 ~Just a tranny!

I’ve been meaning to blog for a while now; It’s been pretty hectic.  We had a weeks skiing, then I came back with a cold ~ not what the doctor ordered!!  I do go into a workplace every day but there are only a couple of us most of the time.  It’s quiet right at this moment, so a chance to catch up.

My Tina time has been limited, but partially through my own choice.  During my cold, I had a couple of offers to dress at home with my wife but didn’t feel suitably girly.  Does anyone else feel like that.  Aches and pains and snuffly noses do not go well with the time taken to get yourself ready.  And it really is true for me; if I don’t feel girly, I don’t want to be a girl.  Still there are times when you force yourself, especially when it is a pre-organised outing.  You take the trouble to do yourself up, get up and out there and then you have a great time ~ and you wonder what all the fuss was about.

I went to Fabuliss last week, an enforced two month break as it was snowed off in January.  My friend Penny made the trip over from East Sussex.  Quite a trip as she got home, had a quick bite to eat then trawled across to Liphook with girly clothes ready to change.  It was a bit quieter than usual, but we still had a good night and Rachel Hawnt Lancaster came and sang again, which got everyone up on the dance floor ~ yes, I’m strutting my stuff again in my new dress and that is Rachel in the background.  She was with us at Christmas and is again coming for Miss Fabuliss in June so she is becoming a firm favourite/ supporter.

We’ve been trying to persuade Penny to enter Miss Fabuliss.  It’s a shame she gets few opportunities to get out but I’m sure she would love the excuse to get a new dress and everyone agrees she should be there.  I won’t be entering myself but I have been asked to be a judge. Isn’t that an honour?

I’d said yes before I realised, but it is actually on my birthday!  Now with a bit of luck, my wife will come too which would be lovely as she has so far avoided a full evening at the place.  Maybe I could even chauffeur her there in her new car!!  Something else we haven’t really done.  Strangely, she doesn’t mind being out with me, but she doesn’t like sharing a car.

In March we are planning a London trip, Penny, Gabby and Erin and the two of us.  We hope to make it to a jazz bar or club with a meal before and hopefully a late night at the Barbican thistle.  We are all keen to get out there into ‘real London’ and not just go to tranny haunts.

And I have been speaking again to my gg friend Barbara in Folkestone;  I can feel a bit of shopping and a walk on the prom coming up as well as a good natter with Bea.

Tonight will also be a Tina night.  A nice meal then a cuddle on the sofa watching a girly film ~ the ‘Marley & Me’ DVD with Jennifer Anniston.  Then over the weekend, back to boy things, maybe a game of golf, a trip to see some old friends Sat night, then Sunday to see my son’s new flat.  We have a lot organised over the next couple of months, trying to stay in touch with old friends.  They don’t know of Tina so why throw it at them, but when I read of blog friends finding their m and f lives increasingly inseparable, with the insecurities that this can bring,  it makes me happy that I’m just an old tranny at heart.

Love & hugs to all that take the trouble to read me!

TinaCortina x

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