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Happy Easter everyone!

Well what to write about? Easter is almost upon us and the family are descending on us from all parts of the country. 11 for Sunday lunch, I’m glad I am not cooking! The big question is how to seat everybody, lol.

A-M is to have an ankle operation next month which could keep her at home for 2-3 months. Well she isn’t supposed to move the leg for 4-6wks, after that she will be in plaster. Plenty of time for Tina to learn a few cooking skills! Mind you on that note, I’ll have you know I cooked a 3 course meal on Valentine’s night; my coq au vin was (not quite) a delight to behold.

Before the op, she is taking our girls to Marbella for a long w/e. I had hoped to take my lad on a boys w/e ski-ing but he’s too busy work-wise. With luck I’m taking him to an FA Cup semi instead (Boing, Boing!). Very sexist this girl/boy thing. I didn’t get an invite to Marbella not that it would rank high on my places to go list, but I am pleased of the opportunity to ‘bond’ with my son.

Of course while the coast is clear, Tina can come out to play, so I’m hoping for a busy w/e. I mentioned the Rivoli Ballroon a while back (google magic-theatre) and while I missed the last event there is another at the end of this month which I will certainly go to. So thats the Saturday night taken care of but there may be other options ~ perhaps a shopping trip, maybe another evening out, we shall see.

The big decision is which hair to wear. Oh my, I can just imagine all gg’s out there having such a decision. Well the wig buying episode was not a success. Ok I hardly spent a fortune (£50 on two wigs from the States ~ Jennys Hairsense. I’d decided to buy one mid length and one short, but the mid length turned out to be quite long, the short one very short and in both cases the white blonde colour is just not me. Add to that that they definitely need trimming/styling to stop everything flopping.

The pic above is the better of the two, but the colour is far too white. I could just about see me wearing it on a fun night out. It definitely wouldn’t be a daytime or a go shopping type wig. The other short one, really doesn’t suit me either, but what’s a girl to do, my regular hair is just full of rat’s tails!!

What I need is a nice friendly hairdresser who could trim and help style all 3…….Gina, where are you when I need you, lol>>

Well thats all for now. Had a nice evening as Tina last night. Somehow dressing mid-week is extra special. We just relaxed in front of the TV with a curry, then a cuddle. Yummy!

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