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Just a short blog while Ann-Maria is putting our curry together. Did I tell you she is a wonderful cook? She loves cooking so I really don’t get a look in. I keep telling her that Tina would like to learn to cook properly but you can’t have 2 female cooks in the same kitchen lol.

It’s been a tough week, what with the funeral to go to on Thursday. I have to say that my mate had just so many friends to give him a good send-off. I was last on of 6 speakers at the thanksgiving and I was trembling for the fact that all the guys ahead of me told such wonderful stories and were equally wonderful story tellers. That’s not me. I had a written tribute and I varied from it a little but I’m not a natural (public) speaker and am certainly not funny, not much anyway! Still, I suppose I was closest to him in his golf life, especially in recent years and it was a honour to be asked. I hope he was looking down kindly on us.

I was glad anyway to hear on the way home from work last night that A-M was happy to have an evening with Tina ~ just at home, a cosy, cuddly evening in ~ a nice meal our favourite, steak and pepper sauce. We then went (down) to our lounge to watch TV; we also tried a DVD but agreed it was absolutely awful. It was nice. I got the chance to try my xmas pressies on properly and was very pleased with the look of my new black skirt and purple top.

A-M was in good enough mood to take a dozen pics ~ she isn’t always so understanding about the tranny’s obsession with photos, so I was grateful for that. I even asked her to take a couple of photos from behind. “Why the hell do you want a photo of the back of your head”, she asked. “Because I don’t get to see it”, I answered “and I want to see what I look I like”. Not that wonderful actually, one she took shows how broad shouldered I look. Never mind, I shall post a few of the latest pics on flickr, but it’s a shame the photostream on 360 never updates.

I do like yahoo 360, far more than other blogging sites (or social networks) but it has it’s hassles ~ none of them too important in my view and I sincerely hope that what ever we end up with has something of the feel of 360.

Well now that I have road tested a new outfit, I hope to get out a little in the next few weeks. There is the possibility of visiting the Surrey Swans again ~ that’s a monthly thing, last Sunday of month. I also know of some girls that are visitng the Rivoli Ballroom on the 26th.


It sounds a fabulous place and I would love to take A-M, (subject to her ankle being OK), but I’ve not booked a hotel and she won’t travel with me, so that’s that. Actually I hear the Rivoli is closing as is the Phil Beach hotel which has been a tranny haunt for many a year. Barbie is also having a coffee morning and it would be nice to visit again but we shall see. Actually there are loads of things going on so it is just a case of getting organised (not my forte!).

Latest news: I am to buy a new wig/ wigs. I was thinking of buying a short blonde wig, in keeping with my age (53) and modesty (lol). I’d even considered buying two, having looked at the Jasmine Wigs website on ebay and seeing how cheap they were even offering sales prices last week, but horror of horror, I then found that they no longer deliver to the UK.


Now if I classify the wig I have now as medium length, which now needs a trim as it is looking decidedly tatty especially the last inch or so, anyway ….should I get a short, medium or long wig to replace it? I mean I won’t throw it away, so will still be able to wear it, but what do the people, I mean the girls out there (Imean anyone that reads this!) think I should do. Any comments/opinions gratefully received, and please enter my poll!!

Take care all,

Love TinaCortina xx

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