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9 August 2008 ~ A very Special Family day

Hello all

I am so lucky to have such a strong family/ extended family/ and good close friends and this was really apparent at our daughter’s wedding this weekend. Everything was perfect ~ church, reception, cars, flowers, disco etc…..all the family and best friends were there….even the predicted Saturday rain stopped for the photos in the Churchyard.

The morning has been somewhat nervous, lots of to-ing and fro-ing to get cars in the right place, down to the hairdressers (in the rain), ferrying the 6 (yes six!) bridesmaids, bride and brides mother etc etc. I was nervously waiting for everyone to be ready so I could get my car down to church with my family’s bags and then get back for the wedding cars.

The ride down in the white daimler was very nice though and I enjoyed the closeness I was feeling to J, my eldest daughter. My other daughter chief bridesmaid, my son an usher ~ his girlfriend replacing the other usher who was late! We all met in the church and then the music sounded, ‘Wagners Wedding March’……..Walking my daughter up the aisle was just wonderful. She smiled and smiled and blushed and gushed and looked truly beautiful. I wish I could post pictures here, but maybe that is not the best. It was a real pleasure to give her ‘away’ to a man I genuinely like and I am sure they will be truly happy together.

They got married in the same RC church that my wife and I were married in almost 29 years ago. That felt a little strange, especially when we went into that same room to sign the register. The wedding ceremony was a little different to all that time ago, no ‘I do’ or ‘promising to honour and obey’, (not that my wife has ever obeyed me, lol), now exchanging rings and so far as I could tell the two sets of vows are the same.

I thought the reading and the Priest’s wedding ‘sermon’ were also a lot more modern and uplifting, but even so I counted 3 occasions when he made rather sexist points eg t ‘J you must accept D for richer or poorer’ ‘J you must truly believe yourself to be D’s equal’. Fair enough in some ways, but they didn’t say the same things to D!! Oh well the RC church has just about moved into the 20thCentury, only another 100 years to move into the 21st.

I really enjoyed myself once we got outside and realised the rain had stopped. I wandered around taking informal pics and chatting to people. It is lovely to talk to extended family and long-term friends on such a happy occasion; you could just feel the good vibe.

Onto Haughton Hall for the reception, more pictures on and around the steps, the odd glass of champagne or two, then the wedding breakfast and speeches, my own the first.

I was certainly a bit nervous when I started but I got into it. It is truly a pleasure to speak at such an occasion and there were certainly a few laughs along the way. Actually a ‘sweep’ had been organised for the combined length of the 4 speeches, my own at 8.5 mins, the reply from groom at c6minutes, then two best men, (yes two), one at 6 and one at 3, so the total was 23.5 mins and my sister won the pot!!

There was supposed to be a gap between afternoon and evening do, but I can’t say I noticed it. Actually I hadn’t even checked in. My wife did though and our room, an executive suite with grand 4-poster bed had had an accident!! The night before the bed had been wrecked from the Friday wedding party and now it had only 3 and a half posts … no worries for me, we even had a discount.

The evening do was also a great success. I suppose the layout of the venue helped but it all seemed to flow with genuine excitement, from the bride and grooms first dance, cutting the cake and much bopping about. J and D stayed until close to midnight as they and most of the guests were staying over.

There were lots of relatives from both side of the family from all ovcer the country, NE ,NW,SE,SW including some that had been at our own wedding. 3 of 4 surviving grandparents on my daughters side were looking proudly on or ‘mixing it on the dancefloor in some cases. Blanche you were sadly missed but I am sure you were looking on. Your own daughter, my dear lady wife has taken on the mantle. You would be proud of her as indeed I am.

Well I suppose it was about 2:30 when A-M and I, my son and gf and youngest daughter and friend were the last up, having a quiet drink and reflection on the success of the day. It was nice to be on our own at that point, before going to our rooms.

This morning, the newly weds jetted off to New York and then they are off to California so will have a lovely honeymoon break. I’m sorting the unofficial photos on a flickr site and I’ve asked everyone to add their own. I’m hoping J&D will come back to hundreds, maybe even thousands of ‘unofficial’ photos of their special day.

It was indeed a special day, a family day and thanks as ever to my lovely wife who did much of the organising and (too) much of all the necessary worrying.

Lots of love TinaCortina xx

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