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24 Feb, 2009 ~ Birthdays

Happy Birthday A-M!

Well it’s tomorrow actually, but I might be busy tomorrow. It’s a big birthday. I don’t suppose I should say how big. It’s not a girly thing to do is it? Well is it?

I hope we have a really nice evening tonight. Stir-Fry and pancakes to follow (well it is pancake day!). I’m hoping to offer a massage later tonight. Thats my male half of course.

I don’t want to spoil anything ahead of the birthday, maybe I’ll skip the footie tonight (Man U v Inter Milan) – maybe not! Maybe we will cuddle up on the sofa, that would be nice! Thats a lot of maybe’s, maybe I should make things happen!

Pressies in the morning; poss at Midnight but I prefer to wait. I’ve struggled this time as to what to buy………..we’ve just had Christmas in my mind (and Valentines!)………new bedroom just arrived, new bed, furniture, decor……..I’ve bought her a nice mix of pressies I hope, some things she has asked for, some small surprises.

Then on Friday we have a nice long w/e planned in Jerez, Spain………a group of friends/family, 13 in total. Lots of things to do, I gather. It’s Flamenco w/e, it’s close to Cadiz (nice fishing port), there’s Sherry trips. Also I hear, an Arabian bath (bit like Turkish, with massage etc) and horse riding andalucian style, neither of which I will go to……..but I will enjoy the bars and tapas and the company, maybe a few games of cards.

Back home next Monday…….back to work on Tuesday, I hope back to some inspiration as to how to get thinks going. Who would want to be a SBO (small business owner) at the moment?

Birthdays are special. They bring us together as a family. We had a lovely lunch in Balham on Sunday with 2/3 kids + partners. The other daughter is coming to Jerez.

A-M will have some presents from Tina, (or at least more presents than she would have otherwise!!) but Tina will be taking a back seat over the next few days. Not to say she will be far away, after all this is a tg blog, but as with all things if I can make this a happy time for Ann-Maria, then the rest can take care of itself.

Love & hugs to all, but big love to my wife

TinaCortina x

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