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My Dad

Time for re-evaluating life and things that are important.

My Dad (87 years old) is on his very last legs.  I said goodbyes on Monday.  He went downhill last night;  My Mum is being brave.  No doubt the family will be together very soon.  I have some lovely memories, heartened by a fantastic family, my lovely wife, my 3 kids and their partners/husband, one beautiful grandson Joshua, my Dad’s great Grandson, whose christening he attended back in November, and who will be one year old on Monday.

I am not religious but I believe that Life replaces Life, our Joshua will be with us hopefully for a long time, and will be in all our hearts for all time, hopefully helping to assuage my grief.

I may not pray for my Dad in the traditional way but I think of him lots and have much to thank him for.  I watched the program last night on ‘yesterday’ about Chris Tarrant’s Dad (awarded the MC).  My Dad joined the RAF, flew Lancaster’s in 44/45 in Africa/ Asia.  My father-in law who thankfully is still with us, joined the Marines Pacific Fleet, volunteered at 17.  We have a lot to thank them for.  They were all heros.  Men and Women, all.

And they brought us up.   I hope I am a decent person with decent morals. i think my kids are wonderful with decent morals.  It all goes back to our parents.

Dad, I love you.

Hugs Tina/Peter

~~  ps Dad died on Friday 4 May 2012. RIP.  Thanks so much for your messages of support x

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