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10 things a Tgirl needs to be told!

1. You’re so vain…you take loads of pictures and only post the ones that look half decent

2. You are not as pretty as you think.

3. You’re exactly as pretty as you feel.

4. You can probably do this “out in public” thing if you assume the right attitude, regardless of how well you “pass” (you don’t).

5. Those tg events and even the tg friendly local bars are great fun, and good for you…but don’t mistake it for “going out”

6. You will get comments when you do the “out in public” thing, so be prepared ~ it is NOT the end of the world

7. Smile and look happy ~ Joe public will take less interest if you exude an aura of confidence; other tgirls will see you as a friendly person and want to be your friend. And anyway the pictures will look better.

8. The best indicator of how you really look is what your Wife says

9. Your REAL Online friends can be every bit as legitimate as real friends you know in real life. If you let them be. And you will know them because they ACT just like friends act.

10. Oh…..and you probably think this blog is about you, …..you’re so vaiiinnn, I bet you think this blog is about you, don’t you, don’t you!

Take care all

Love TinaCortina xx http://www.flickr.com/photos/tina_cortina/

With due deference to Demi Lautrec & Carly Simon

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