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A heartfelt message

This is a difficult entry for me as I’m not sure my dear wife will approve. But I don’t have a blog as Peter and I feel the need to say something.

A-M’s Mum had a heart attack (and perhaps a stroke) while we were away skiing, which was only a week after they had been down to visit. Unfortunately her health steadily deteriorated from that point onwards and she died yesterday morning.
It has been a hectic few weeks for A-M who has been up and down the motorway trying to help. After hearing the news yesterday, it was harsh that we had to go up to Shropshire in separate cars so that I could return early with my daughter so she could do an exam today.
As I had to bring her back for that I decided to keep a 8:15 appointment at Slough on the way back so that was a 1/2 5 start and there was very little sleep last night. A-M is doing a lot of the organising and has stayed behind.
I shall miss her tonight and I am shattered. I am sure she is and I know her Dad is.
Her Mum was a very strong character, spoke her mind and was as honest and decent as they come. She would have plenty of run-ins with people and to my mind was rather over-the top in condemnations of any ‘minorities’ and anything much worse than kissing in films would get her hackles up. But she was a strong and dear person and I have a lot to thank her for. God forbid what she would think of Tina and thankfully that secret will stay safe from her for ever.
Her Dad while also 82 and having had at least two triple by-pass heart surgeries and cancer to boot is remarkable; has lots of interests and friends and a strong will to live life to the fullest so I hope he continues to fight on. Short term he has the loneliness of coping after spending the last 60+ years of his life married to the love of his life.
He has always liked to socialise and over the years we have had many a shared pint or two, often nipping out when mother & daughter were preparing food in early years, the reverse as they got older. Rather sexist, especially mcp, and I know that in some ways me being Tina is an attempt to compensate for some sexist traits as a male.
But more important for our relationship as a family, these outings were a way for us to develop a bond. I was ever so pleased that after the stress and calamities of yesterday we were able to do the same, to leave the house for the solitude of a quiet drink together.
Another positive, they came to visit just 4 weeks ago. We had the pleasure of their company while she was well and we have a last photo to treasure.
Funeral is next Friday; a next chapter begins. I hope all is well as can be with all my friends out there. I won’t say her name here, but ******, may you rest in peace.
Love Peter xx
A-M if or when you read this the tears are flowing. I love you and wish you were here. I hope this does not upset you too much but this is my way of not bottling it up.

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