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An important engagement!

It’s been an exciting week in many ways. Good News and Bad News!

First the Bad News

It started with disappointment. I had been asked (by Kathy W-P) to join her in an evening out at the Royal Albert Hall ~ the Proms. Ok she’d arranged it with a couple of other friends, they had pulled out, so a week ahead and fairly desperate she had asked me! Just thinking of it was exciting. I’ve never done such an exclusive occasion, it would have to be a dressing up-to-the-nines and on best behaviour, but it would have been such FUN. It would have really been an adrenaline rush.

Organisation was going to be key. It started at 7pm on a Thursday. It’s an hour of a half into London and assuming I was going to minimise cost, I’d need to drive it, (if I wasn’t going to stay over-night). I’d also need to park somewhere, find a place to meet Kathy. If we were going to eat out, I’d thought afterwards would be more likely.

Anyway, this would mean leaving about 4:30pm, so would need to organise some time off work. No problem we are quiet at the mo (well not a problem yet anyway!!). I contemplated taking the afternoon, possibly even the day off and let us say having a relaxed couple of hours to get ready.

Ahh BUT, CALAMITY!. We have a cleaner, well really she is a lovely lady that cleans for us 3 hours a week and she’s always comes Thursday morning, but as of a couple a weeks ago she switched to do next door in the morning and us in the afternoon.

So I ask my dear lady wife (A-M) to see about moving it.

Ok when she said no, I said all sorts of things about ‘well, I would dress anyway’ and ‘if Debbie sees me then what the hell’.

I do on occasion have feelings of ‘why should I be ashamed of myself’ but maybe that wasn’t the best thing to say.

As it happens, A-M DID re-organise Debbie ~ said I had a meeting at home and could she change the time. No problem she says but A-M was not at all happy about it and that night we had a fair barnstormer of a row (a definite force 9 for anyone of a meteorological bent!).

Now bear in mind I thought this a perfect night to go out as my wife and daughter was traveling up North to celebrate my daughter’s birthday – a meal for 14 had been organised. It was on a Thursday; A-M is off work at the mo, so could go; Char is on summer holiday. For me to go would have probably have meant two days off, which I didn’t want to do; so it seemed a perfect occasion for a night at the proms or so I had thought.

Anyway, as a gesture of goodwill to A-M (but stubbornly not telling her), I decided that I would cancel the Albert Hall. Sorry Kathy. I know you don’t come to the UK often etc but I had only been in the slot 24hrs so rather than mess you about I thought it better to pull out.

Next the Good News

NOW, as it happens, my Daughter J (about to have her 22nd birthday) rang me Wednesday. Amongst other things she expressed disappointment that I couldn’t be with her on Thursday, but it was all OK. Did I know where her mother was? Half an hour later she was back on having spoken to A-M. She was ENGAGED, would I now be able to make the meal which was now turning out to be her Engagement party?

Well Yes of course!! I have two daughters (+ a son) and I hope they all get married (and live happily ever after). They all have partners at the mo, but J & D are the only ones that are living together and earlier this year they bought a house.

In the end A-M and I drove the 350mile round trip separately (can you believe it?). So I only had to take half a day off and by leaving at 6 on Friday could keep a 9am meeting.

The evening meal was lovely. I am so happy for J&D, pleased as punch and so very proud of them both. Well…..I will be at the wedding next year.


The Albert Hall? Well I would have loved to have gone. But against family, it’s a non-starter. If you read this Kathy, again I am sorry, but in the end, it was lucky I had not committed to you as I would have had to cancel anyway and if I’d left it I’d have only known the day before. I hope you had a nice time in the UK.

Take care all, Love TinaCortina xx

Ps Sorry, love, I really wasn’t trying to ‘blackmail you’

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