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48 hours from Brighton

Just had a really nice evening. A decent day at work, not overly busy but achieved a lot, came home reasonably early to a wife cooking a beautiful Thai curry.  As you walked through the door you knew that the meal you would eat later was going to totally blow your mind.  A nice after work chat and then she asked what I would be wearing on Saturday and would I like to try out the outfit that night.  Well of course, my darling, anything to fit in with you!

You know it is just nice to know the reason I was being asked that, was that she cared that I would look good on Saturday.

The weekend has been organised by Katie Jordan  ”Firefighter Kate’, from Pompey (Portsmouth, to the non-Brits).  It is on the South Coast of England and on Saturday she has organised a night out in Brighton for all her friends.  I went once about 2 years ago, May 09, with this group of friends and had a really good time.  They have been several times since, but this is the first chance I’ve had to join them.  I gather there are over 20 girls this time around and we are staying at the Jury’s Inn Brighton.  We will all arrive Saturday afternoon, some together, some independently, but the evening is sure to be a gas, even if it is forecasted to rain again.  I am planning on a nice girly trip down there, maybe a little shopping in the afternoon then meeting up with the girls late afternoon. I’m told we need to be dressed to the nines by about 7:30 for an evening of pubbing, clubbing, dancing and just chilling ~ it will be nice to catch up with those I haven’t seen since the BBQ at Georgia & Nena’s last summer and to get to know all the other girls.

A-M had decided not to come on this occasion, that she was happy for me to go alone, so tonight, she was keen to see that I would be looking OK when I went out and not letting the side down.  Aaaaaaaaah!!

So I had an hour or so to put on my make-up, get dressed and to be up for approval.  And I’m pleased to say that apart from a rather ill-advised necklace, I passed muster.  So my outfit decided for Saturday night (not the one above of course), we then spent a cosy couple of hours on the shared sofa, eating aforesaid exquisite food, before she announced that she would retire upwards to hone her cooking skills even more to watch MasterChef, while my job was to clear up.  Not that I mind, it is my role anyway, A-M cooks, I clear up.  If I am dressed, even in a Saturday night going out outfit, then even better. I am feeling nicely mellow,  a little girly, looking forward to the weekend.

I shall  dress Saturday morning in jeans, smock and stretchy top, similar to the outfit I wore to the chill-out night at Fabuliss last week (see above, but jeans not leggings, so the boots will be under).  I will maybe select short rather than long wig, but I will be Tina and I will enjoy the hour or so drive down to Brighton.  Who knows, I may stop for petrol, may stop in a pub, or for a walk by the sea, but I shall check in as a girl, have a great evening I am sure with old friends and new.  Sunday, I may enjoy a walk along the prom but likely or not I shall be back in male mode.  The ability to switch mode is important.  And I enjoy the fact that I can dress and be totally femme one moment and be my male self another.

Actually for my football team there is another very important game on Sunday.  We have a new manager and are sitting close to the bottom of the premiership.  Maybe I will find a nice pub on the way back to watch the game.

Well I hope to post next week, but in the meantime, I wish anyone that reads this feels the serenity that has descened upon me as I write.

Hugs, Tina xx

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