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Looking forward to Paris!

Its been a busy few weeks so I haven’t been blogging or visiting my friends blogs so apologies for this.  Funny but I am only starting this blog now as my work has just froze on me (those big excel spreadsheets!!) and rather than re-boot and possibly waste some work I thought I would give it some time for the file to recover, lol.

Actually my body needs that time also!  Since I spent a morning in the garden about 10 days ago, my back has not been at its best.  A 2-day business trip to Glasgow last week which started at 4am on Tuesday getting home at around 10pm on Wednesday did not help, and to make it worse my gums flared up and have been giving me gip ever since, only helped by a few anti-biotic pills I  found within the house, 5 fluxacillin left over from my wife, and 4 amoxicillin  have actually eased the swelling, but my daughter a nurse was furious I even considered taking them without a doctor’s or dentist visit. Over this last weekend we went up to Shropshire for parents birthdays and mothers day etc.  Around 400 miles, 2 evenings out and a rather poor game of golf has not helped, so I can’t wait to visit the chiropractor next Monday.  I’m hoping a dentist appointment can be deferred.  I never seem to see him without losing something dear to me!!




Strangely it is the one thing that almost totally removes the femininity within me.  When I am in pain, I feel decidedly male.  I have tried in the past, but if I have this numbness in the back, well then you sit badly and pain gets worse.  If you take pills, certainly if you take too many then you just feel sick.  Walking in heels I guess is not likely to help.  On the other hand a surge in adrenaline would be very beneficial, but it doesn’t always come.

This may explain why the previous Saturday given an opportunity to dress, I chose not to.  My youngest daughter is back with us for a few months so opportunities to dress are less frequent.  She was staying over at a friends so A-M, my wife suggested that I might enjoy a bath and subsequent evening at home as Tina.  Oft repeated in the past, I generally find these to be very pleasant evenings.  We usually have a nice meal (most often cooked by A-M, though just a couple of times she has coaxed out a few culinary skills from Tina or even shared some expertise in doing something together) and either time spent at the dining table, with music, sometimes a relaxing game of cards; or downstairs in our lounge (we have 3 levels at the back of our house) enjoying a girly film and a cuddle on the couch.

Anyway, I went up to have my bath, then chose an outfit, something fairly casual, pulled out my make-up case and was just about to start on the ‘making myself beautiful’ scenario, when I thought to myself.  Do I need this?  Do I want this?  And I decided that I didn’t.  Heh ho, lost opportunity I know, but you have to go with how you feel.  I mean I wouldn’t do it generally if it didn’t make me feel good.  And there are times when you just feel so good to be dressed and feminine.  As I said it can give you a ‘rush’, stronger than all the drugs known to mankind, that you instantly forget any aches and worries.

I hope too that at such times, my wife too enjoys the evening.  Not just because she knows that I am enjoying it, but because she is embracing me and everything that entails and perhaps rejoicing in some of the traits that she has known and loved about me (I hope) since we married so many years ago.




We had some friends to stay a while, ago.  I think I mentioned it in passing.  Two tgirls friends and their wives, although on this particular evening we were all dressed in our birth gender.  Well anyway that evening we decided to go to Paris for a weekend, a favourite city of mine and one we visited regularly at anniversaries and the like in our early years together.  Well Astrid and Sandra will be joining us and it’s a shame that Davina and Jackie can’t come.  But it will be at the end of May and we are beginning to look forward to it.  Last night, my wife said she had been chatting to Sandra (the other SO) about the trip.  We will travel separately.  We will be getting the channel tunnel early on the Saturday which means we should arrive in Paris mid-late morning (in time for lunch).  I will be in guy mode, but  there will definitely be opportunities for Tina; it is just a question of how much.  We are there for roughly 48 hours, say Saturday lunchtime to Bank Holiday Monday lunchtime.  There will definitely be one night out and the rest is up for negotiation.

I don’t think A-M wants the whole trip to be Tina oriented but it would have been nice to have had a full day out, especially as it is very unlikely that I will be going to SPARKLE in Manchester this year and when we were discussing it over the dinner table, the Paris trip was a bit of a ‘quid pro quo’ as A-M thought after 5 years she had had enough of Sparkle.  I am sure Astrid and I will manage to spend some time out……..there is all those lovely shops and I fancy the Eifel Tower too.  Thinking about it, I’ve done it loads of times in male mode so it would be kind of fun.  And I have done the London Eye as Tina so this would be a good time so see the sights of Paris en femme

Anyway, who’s for the Folies Bergeres on Saturday night?  (any other suggestions anyone?)



I do like Citybreaks.  Actually I like shortbreaks full stop.  Over the years and especially since having my own business, which I seem to have moved away from traditional beach 2-week holidays in the Sun to lots of short ones.  Anywhere, any place.   I just like them.  Already this year we have done a 4 day ski-ing holiday over New Year, and a 3 day trip to Madrid.  I have to say Madrid was fabulous………  clear blue skies, 25 degrees C (mid seventies), just my temperature as I don’t like it too hot.  Well Madrid has a lot to offer; we managed the Prado museum and the Royal Palace, Parc Retiro and botanical gardens as well as lot of bars, squares and eateries.  Even managed an Irish Bar to watch Ireland thump us at Rugby.  And the traditional day on a turistico bus, and paella and tapas and the best steak we have ever eaten……my the list goes on.

That break was very much a P & A-M break, as there was just the two of us and we both loved it.   But in a different way, I will look forward to Paris.  It may just not know what has hit it!!



Finally a thought for my friend Barbara who has needed a further operation and is in hospital recuperating.

If you have been, thanks for reading

TinaCortina x

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  1. Well hello Tina! Hope your work gets sorted. It would be awful to lose all that you’ve done already. Sorry you’ve been having health problems too. I guess you must have felt so rotten not to have indulged in your aler ego. Maybe the weekend in Paris will be something to remember. The beauty of having short breaks is that you don’t have the time to be bored! Do have a nice time. Love

    Shirley Anne xxx

    Comment by Shirley Anne | April 5, 2011 | Reply

  2. I hope you feel better soon as it is no fun when you feel that bad that you don’t feel like dressing up. I am sure you will have a wonderful time in Paris even if Tina’s time is limited, any time you can get out is good. Look forward to reading about it.

    Comment by susanmiller64 | April 11, 2011 | Reply

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