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July 2010 Sparkle Feedback

Hi Girls

I’ve just been to SPARKLE, more of this elsewhere.  But having just done a feedback questionnaire on the event, I thought I would share my comments with you.

You may be able to get to Surveymonkey link by following this one

Sparkle 2016

~ Just to get us started, this is a photo  of me on Saturday night; early evening drinks before going on to the ball.

1. What days did you attend: Friday 9th/ Sat 10th/ Sunday 11th July

2. Where did you stay?  I stayed at the Novotel just off Portland St.  It is excellent

3. How many times have you been to Sparkle?   5 years (out of a possible 6)

4. Who would you rate Sparkle 2010?  Poor, average, excellent, not applicable

  • How would you rate your overall Sparkle 2010 experience?  Excellent.  I think it was one of the best
  • How would you rate the Welcome Event on Friday. N/a. I didn’t go, too tired when we arrived
  • How would you rate the Talks and Workshops? Well I only popped in.  I saw the Lee Middlehurst exhibition and heard some of Vickie Lee.  I have heard her before and she is excellent, but the other seminars did not attract.  See comments below.
  • How would you rate the Sparkle in the Park Stage Events?  Excellent.  What I saw.  I saw a comedienne and January (non- TG) who was excellent.  I know from past sparkles that the Miss SPARKLE type comps are always run very well.  I did think the number (25-30?) of stalls and wide variety was excellent this year.  Anything from clothes/ shoes/ jewelery/ wigs/ make up specialists/ self help/ police awareness etc.  Definitely worth an hour or two to wander around.
  • How would you rate the Sparkle Ball 2010 (Saturday Evening at The Place)?  Good.  See comments below
  • How would you rate the overall organization of Sparkle 2010? Excellent.  See comments below
  • How would you rate the Sparkle Guide 2010 ?   Good.  The map as usual was useful and most of the info you needed was there somewhere.  I’m always happy to read the adverts but felt they did dominate the booklet somewhat more than previous years.

5. Tell us what you would like to see in future Sparkles and why?

Thanks for bringing back the seminars, however….

I’ve always thought the seminar/ talks don’t cater for the simple ‘tranny’ (although Vickie Lee always entertaining) and certainly not for the wives/ partners of trannies.  I always feel that it is either for the burgeoning TS or covering areas that bluntly are a bit depressing eg Domestic Abuse with due deference the need to discuss this and apologies to Denise.  I was not attracted to attend, but I am sure others were.

I do like the idea of putting other events around it, eg art displays, maybe make-over or wig demonstrations, possibly some of the stalls that are in the park would prefer to be at the talks?

It was a good new venue at the Manchester Institute.

6. Do you have any comments about Sparkle 2010 that you would like to share

I and all of my friends thought the buffet at the Ball was very poor.  I would rather pay another fiver and having something edible.  That said it was an excellent evening, great location, and I thought the band added a lot to it.

I think the Park gets better every year.  I wasn’t there all the time, but was impressed by the increased number and variety of ‘stalls.’ and traders.

Good location for the seminars.  Congrats to Manchester Concord for making that happen.  I also liked the Artist Lee Middlehurst that did the CD jigsaw of Audrey Hepburn.  It was shame that more time was not taken at the Ball to ’round’ people up as we missed out on both the raffle and the auction because we were at the other end of the lower level.

Sparkle is great place to meet old friends and to make new ones.  It is also somewhere I feel totally comfortable about bringing my wife.

It has gone from strength to strength and is the only truly national Transgender celebration.  (Anywhere?).  It has something for everyone and is in a location that allows you to just forget it is there and go wandering off elsewhere.

My thanks go to Kim for starting it all and Bella Jay for maintaining and improving upon it.  And to all the organisers and sponsors, not least the Manchester Concord group, thank you for making it happen.

We travelled the best part of 6 hours each way to make it.  We’ve only missed one year for personal reasons and have every intention of continuing to visit.

So there you go.  I was happy to share my two-penny worth.  I guess working in the market research industry I ought to believe in its use.

Please pass your own comments below.  Especially pleased to hear from anyone that has also been or would consider going to future SPARKLES.

Love & hugs

TinaCortina x

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