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Transvestite ‘invaders’ more than welcome!

Fabuliss 2 years on, a monthly get-together at the Millennium Hall in Liphook, Hampshire, UK, 2nd Wednesday of the Month, every month. Haven for the Crossdresser, transvestite, transsexual or anyone who is or is friends with someone on the Transgendered spectrum.  Next meet Wednesday Feb 9.  The best ‘Chill-out night’ you will come across anywhere.


Within the last 24 hours someone followed a link on one of my blogs to the article of 2 years ago (Aren’t WordPress stats great, that I should know that!!).  At the time, when the Daily Mail (England’s’ best selling daily, but it smacks sometimes of lowest common denominator) outed my friends Linda and Natasha for daring to organise a monthly meet for the transgendered amongst us, it created some furore, but I am happy to say that it didn’t last and Fabuliss, is alive and kicking well.

I was reminded of this episode after the bombshell of my kids finding about me (see last two blogs), because when I spoke to L & N at the last meet, they had told me that the notoriety while unwelcome had not stopped their commitment to Fabuliss.   Of course, having been outed by the Daily Mail and the rather stupid local reporter with the Liphook Herald, Natasha had to face down the fact that the neighbours now knew all about her, and her kids knew.  Fortunately these things have washed over as I hope they will within my own family.  But from that point on,  Fabuliss has gone from strength to strength with support from the local community, councillors and all, as well as the transgendered from right across the South East of England.

Actually Linda had rather bumpy couple of months at the end of 2010 so I was especially pleased that so many came out in support of her at the first event of 2011.  Fabulous Fabuliss.  We had 50 just for a chill-out chat type of evening!

I’m sure she read the article below at the time, but when you think about it, it was unbelievably supportive and a direct opposite of what was served up my the other media highlighted above.  The Headline above, ‘Transvestite invaders more than welcome’ was actually the headline used at the time’ and of course was really taking the michael out of the Daily Snail, that had used the headline ‘Transvestites invade sleepy Hampshire village’!!

Actually it is quite nice to re-read it……………  I hope you enjoy it too.


Article reprinted below from the Bordon Post/Petersfield Herald : published on Tue Feb 03  2009

A national newspaper article which described Liphook as “a country town invaded by transvestites” is at the centre of a storm of controversy.

A feature in the Daily Mail reported how a social group for transvestites, called Fabuliss, has been hiring a room in the Millennium Hall for social events.

But the article has inspired scores of messages of support for the group on Liphook’s community website.

Meanwhile Mark and Linda XX, who run Fabuliss, claim the article has ruined their lives – but they have been heartened by the support from the local community.

The Millennium Hall is run by Bramshott and Liphook Parish Council, which lets it out to a wide variety of user groups.

Liphook Scouts and Guides have their headquarters in the building, which also houses a community police office.

Parish council chairman John Tough told the Post: “As far as the council is concerned, there is no problem with these bookings (by Fabuliss).

“We operate totally within an equal opportunity policy and we do not discriminate against anybody.

“But we do understand that people may have issues they are worried about and we will listen to them and respond.

“We are carrying out an investigation to find out whether our arrangements have been adequate.” Cllr Tough stressed that he had not been contacted by anyone who had been worried by the fact that Fabuliss holds events in the hall, and he had spoken to several people who had voiced their support.

“In fact the reaction has been quite reassuring – I have been pleasantly surprised at how much positive response there has been.”

Parish council vice chairman Barry Hope – who stressed that he was voicing his own opinion, not that of the council – said he doubted whether the council would complain to the Daily Mail or the Press Complaints Commission.

“My own view is that it is unlikely and would not serve any useful purpose,” he said.

Mark XX – whose photograph appeared alongside the article – declined to speak to the Post.

On the Liphook community website, he wrote: “My life is a total mess through this. Thanks a huge bunch to the Daily Mail for ruining an innocent person’s personal reputation.”

He added: “Thank you Liphook for your support – I am truly touched.”

Also on the website, Linda XX wrote: “Fabuliss was created so that cross dressers, and indeed any transgendered person, can meet and relax with like-minded people, together with their friends and families in private and comfortable surroundings.

“Why would we need to hide away and feel ashamed – there are no laws broken, no improper dress or behaviour. Cross dressers meet in many such venues across the country and are rightly proud of their right to dress and live their lives as they choose.

“Diversity makes for a more interesting and warm society. For that reason, Fabuliss is here to stay.”

The Fabuliss website states: “We recognised that there is a gap in the market at the moment for a club that will offer the type of atmosphere that we will be creating.

“We feel that you all deserve so much more and wanted to get away from the ‘village hall/scout hut’ type venues that a lot of TV nights offer.

“The evenings are always relaxed and comfortable with smooth background music. We are also now famed for our superb live cabaret entertainment.”

One Liphook parent who posted a message on the community website wrote: “I left the Scout hall last week with my son and crossed paths with a T-girl (I hope this is a correct inoffensive term).

“While I was mildly surprised to see a TV walking through Sainsbury’s car park, my son walked past and didn’t even notice.”


At the time I was touched by the positive tone of the article above, and such messages of support as were seen on the Liphook website did make it a lot easier for Linda and Mark, though I am not doubting the traumatic effect the articles had on their life for sometime beyond.  That they survived is testament to their strong character.  That Fabuliss survived is testament to the groundswell of opinion against the type of sensationalist journalism that talked of Transvestite invaders in the first place.  If you would like to feel how I felt about it at the time, please read the link below.


An old photo this time, actually it was the outfit I wore to the last Fabuliss, chilling in jeans and a T.

Breathe in Tina, I think you need that corset, A-M bought you for Christmas!!

If you’ve any comment, I’d love to hear from you below.

Hugs TinaCortina xx

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  1. What can I say? Stand firm and be counted. Sometimes it is necessary to make a stand in the face of adversity else you get nowhere. Along the way there will be casualities although from what I’ve just read what casualties there were have come through quite well in the end. Newspapers being what they are always go for the jugular for a story. They dramatise everything and put a negative view on things they may not agree with which perpetuates bigotry and homophobia or tries to incite such behaviour. It is ‘Fabuliss’ that things worked out despite the antagonism.

    Shirley Anne xxx

    Comment by Shirley Anne | February 1, 2011 | Reply

    • Hi Shirley Anne
      Yes I think I wrote this as much to say ‘up yours’ to the Daily Mail and Liphook Herald. Fabuliss survived, Linda and Natasha are OK. That is what is important
      Hugs Tina x

      Comment by TinaCortina | February 3, 2011 | Reply

  2. News papers are struggling all over the place to keep readers as more and more get information off the internet. This means they often they often release more than they should in hopes of shocking and trashing people to make headlines. They never stop to think who they might hurt. I am so glad there is such support for Fabuliss and those who support it.

    Comment by susanmiller64 | February 2, 2011 | Reply

    • Hi Susan, I agree. Newspapers are becoming unreadable, yet they write more and more shocking stories to attract readers. I think sometimes people pick up these ‘rags’ because of the headlines, but over time most are losing readership. Hugs Tina x

      Comment by TinaCortina | February 3, 2011 | Reply

  3. MUSIC VIDÉO : Artists transvestites through time.
    Rudyem – Cliché in Liberty : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWHVjs00Ljs

    Big kiss :p



    Comment by Rudyem | April 5, 2013 | Reply

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