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Friends, Christmas 07 and more outings

It’s been an interesting few weeks, the lead up to Christmas. It is easy to get stressed out with it all, but this year I have found that having Tina around has helped me look forward to Christmas…
I have managed quite a few outings, which have included 1st time ever visits to the Surrey Swans (around 25 very friendly people meeting in a back-bar of a pub, about 15 miles from me)…..and The Bang Bar (what a name!!) in Basingstoke (25 miles) where I have met up with around 15 girls. Both were highly enjoyable evenings where girls come along, a few with partners for conversation and a drink or three……depending on who is driving of course! I am looking forward to going again and making good friends.
I have also had several shopping expeditions, which are all the better because it is Christmas and there are presents to buy!
Shopping is great any time of the year, but I do like to have a point to my outings. It is all very well going out for a day’s shopping but if you aren’t meeting with anyone or buying much then you will soon be feeling those toes rubbing.
But it is the interaction with others that I enjoy ~ even if is just asking at the bar for a glass of wine, or paying for something at the check-outs. It give me purpose, otherwise what am I doing walking up and down the street, trying to be anonymous?
Sometimes, there is one incident in the whole day that makes me feel good.
Last week, I was trying on a pair of boots (there no fun in just looking is there?). A lady approached, mid-forties, smartly dressed and I moved to get out of her way. But no that wasn’t her intention. ‘What size do you take?’ she asks. ‘Size 8, a 42’ I reply.
It seems she was the same size, which surprised me as she wasn’t at all large. Before we know it, we are having a ‘normal conversation’ about shoes and shoe retailers, what we liked and what we didn’t. We found a mirror and dug around looking for more shoes in ‘our size’.
My mind was racing. ‘Don’t you know I’m a tranny?’ was my first thought. Well maybe she did (probably yes), maybe she didn’t, but either way she didn’t care which is all that mattered.
A couple of weeks ago, I met a friend for lunch and included shopping before and after. Last week I visited a different friend for a couple of hours and again managed a visit to the shops before and after.
The shopping is OK, as I say, if you find what you want and even better if you have someone to buy for (including yourself)! I also enjoy the trip there and back as I generally travel a decent distance on these expeditions and both Milton Keynes and Folkestone are about 100 miles away from me and just filling with petrol or popping into a pub alone adds interest to the journey.
But visiting friends or meeting up puts a whole different slant to going out. Of course, what I enjoy most is the conversation. It is that which makes what I do feel normal. It is their acceptance that I am a friend however I am dressed.
So to my wife, my thanks for accepting my friends…
Also for inviting me for a stay-in girly evening a week ago when we snuggled up and watched a DVD. That was lovely.

I do like to be careful about how often I go out. I don’t want to do too much or to think I am taking advantage of my wife’s good nature. To me getting that extra invitation was important as if she’d thought I was doing too much, the last thing she would want was an extra night…and finally a really lovely pre-arranged w/e just gone when we had a lovely night at Pink Punters. I love you.

And to my friends Gina and Barbara

  • My thanks for your acceptance, and your friendship.
  • Barbara, thanks too for the lovely picture under your Christmas tree.

It’s now rather like a Christmas card and included above to send Christmas Wishes, health & happiness to you all.

Love TinaCortina xx

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