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28 Jul09 ~ another day in Folkestone

090727~Tina at barbara's (5a)

I had a nice day out in Folkestone yesterday.  The weather helped as it was clear blue sky and sun shining which meant I could wear something light and enjoy the sunshine, no need for coats or cardy’s.

I had got up early to dress and wore my birthday skirt and short-sleeved blouse. I planned on visiting my friend Barbara and stopped on the way to buy her a pot plant.  It was not expensive but really appreciated.  Barbara is great company; she still does make-overs, sells clothes and other bits and pieces on ebay and then finds time to have local charity shops and her local church and this despite on-going health problems.

I don’t go often, maybe 2-3 times a year but it is always fun to have a good chin wag about old friends and new within the tg scene.  She always seems to know somebody that knows somebody and we enjoy swopping stories about anyone we both know and she is genuinely interested in anything I can tell her about Ann-Maria (my wife) and kids.

She is also well used to taking photos, so at the end of a 2 and a half hour visit, she took my camera with enthusiasm. She can take a nice picture but I wish she would tell me to brush my hair first; I always forget in the excitement.

I sometimes ask her advice.  I took a belt off which she agreed I didn’t need and changed to my old shorter wig for the time I was going to spend outside~ what I now think of as my ‘day-time’ wig (see blog March7 for pic of ‘old’ wig, the one above is the ‘new’ one).

Well next stop the town centre. It is just so nice to take on board a little shopping.  Park in the Asda car park, down the escalators to the ‘George’ clothing department. No hurry, mooch around, try a few pairs of shoes on, look at the clothes and jewellery.  I could buy so much there as it is so cheap, but when you are a tranny, there is a limit to how much you can wear.  I did find some trainers (with pink stripe) for a £5 ~ well I had to buy something, to get the £2 back on the parking fee!!

Out into the busy precinct, all the girls in their t-shirts, light tops.  I am feeling really summery in my short sleeved blouse. I view all the coffee shops and think about stopping and taking a table..but I want a good walk first.

It’s nice to explore. Lots of shops to go in. No-one bats an eye.  I didn’t try much on this trip, but I’ve never had any trouble.

I walk through the church yard and then stop at the oldest pub in Folkestone ~ it has chairs out front but also boasts a back-yard, so I order my favourite girlie drink, a white wine spritzer and take it out back.

Only 3 tables…. Not a big back yard, but one free so I take out my Grazia magazine – bought specially for the purpose!  Nothing like a bit of fashion & celebrity gossip eh?   I wonder do other tgirls, do things whehn dressed that they just would not dream of doing as drab half?

Two guys, vaguely foreign chatting at one table.  Husband and wife, in their sixties at the other…….. she is definitely a bit posh….. you know the rather loud Roedean  (public school) type.

I wasn’t really listening…but then all of a sudden……I hear the word ‘TRANSVESTITE!’ in her strident tones.  It was quite a small area so it you couldn’t miss it.  I take a few tics before I glance up in their direction.  She carried on talking about her brothers cousin or something, it clearly had nothing to do with me, lol.

A few minutes later, I got up and went to the ladies.  They didn’t look up, and then I passed their table to leave, a cheery wave and thanks swopped with the bar lady then  back out into the sun.

More window shopping.  I did find a half price (!) denim jacket in Next.  Really nice and as good a fit (bearing in mind my long arms!) as I’ve ever found.  A snip at £20, but somehow I put it back and convinced myself I didn’t need it.

I found the car and decided on a quick drive to the front.  I parked in the most ridiculously small space in one easy manoeuvre – I left myself touching at the back and about 15 inches at the front (who said the girl can’t park!!)

I walked along the cliff top, read about the recently restored bandstand, tried to take a few self portrait pics (all had one eye closed in the sun!) and just revelled in the feeling of a loose skirt, pretty blouse and (low) heels

At half 4, I set about the 100 mile return journey. Half an hour away,  I text my wife.  She comes back that a friend is coming to visit, so to delay my return.

So I stop off for another glass of wine, this time is one of those Millers Kitchen type pubs.  I spend 30 mins reading the menu before returning home.

‘Quick change before dinner?’  she says. ‘Fair enough’ I think and depart upstairs to go through the routine of cleaning off, putting things away.

We exchanged a cuddle later in bed.

It was a lovely day in its way.

Love & hugs TinaCortina xx

Ps I still owe you a blog on Sparkle

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