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It is so nice to be wanted!

Hi girls

Well the title is meant as a kind of homage to my wife. I am invited (by text just received) to dinner tonight. I guess that I will get home early find something nice to wear, do my best to look and feel feminine and look forward to a nice meal (which she will cook) and then an evening on the couch watching ‘children in need’.

We settled a long time ago that for the most part, dressing at home meant I would not spring surprises. I can dress alone when the opportunity arises, go out (alone) when I wish (pre-planning preferred), I can ask and am not normally refused when both available of an evening, but my side of the bargain is not to go overboard, not to do it all day everyday, not to dress to excess…..

This has worked pretty well and I am often invited, especially on a Friday or Saturday night, if we were otherwise planning nothing special, a quiet night in.

That we do enjoy these evenings, that both of us enjoy these evenings, is a vital part of the experience, for me and I guess for her also, even if she is really doing it for Tina!


We also enjoy going out together.

Just last week, I mentioned on the Monday or Tuesday that there would was to be a new ‘tg event’ happening in Brighton and quick as a flash, she suggested I check out the hotels.

It was indeed a lovely w/e. We’d gone shopping (en drab) in the lanes in the afternoon, avoiding the showers, picked out a fun looking restaurant for the evening ~ cheap but noisy Italian, perfect for my wife to be entertaining a couple of tranny’s.

The ‘other tranny’ was to be my (fast becoming) good friend, Georgia. We had been to Surrey Swans a month or two back, we did a quiz night at the Old Vic in Portsmouth a few weeks ago and just a couple of days earlier, on Thursday, we did Covent Garden together. I had driven into London (silly girl that I am, it took over 2 hours) and fought the traffic to get to Canary Wharf where Georgia (in male mode, lol) had been working all day. We then headed off to one of my favourite restaurants, Sarastros.


We parked at the Aldwych, then as we were passing showed our head at the door to check my email booking was confirmed. I then took Georgia to a lively pub, the Marquess of Anglesea, at the end of the road for a glass of wine. Wanting a good natter we boldly headed off to a corner where all the seats were reserved ~ and sat down; our thinking being that we could only be asked to move. Indeed 15 minutes later, we went to the other side of the pub, when a fairly large group arrived to eat. However 10 minutes later, they asked us back!

They were a mixed group of IT/web designers that were on an office outing. They had done a treasure trove as part of a pub crawl and they wanted us to present the prize…..no actually to be the prize,haha ��� to the guy that had won. We duly trotted over and gave him a sedate peck on each cheek, to a flash of cameras. All in fun and were offered a drink for our troubles.

It is great to mix in with the regular crowd ~ just what I enjoy most.

Anyway, somewhat delayed we arrived back at Sarastros. to a glass of fizz. They always give us girls a good welcome. I’ve blogged on it previously, always lively, they pride themselves on looking like the inside of an opera house ~and it does~ and you should see what they have in their ladies loos. But I will leave that to Georgia to explain ~ SHE took photos!!

Anyway, my contribution to the evening was to drag out (again) an email ‘voucher’ for 2 bottles of wine from the owner Richard Niazi 3 years ago. Now I was a driver and didn’t really need more wine, but as a direct result of this they reduced the bill from ��54 to ��25… wahay, a good night out and a cheap night out!


Back to Saturday night in Brighton. Georgia had not met my wife Ann-Maria, so keen to make a good impression, he/she phoned our room, asking to pop around to introduce herself in drab mode. There I was half dressed, lol! Well let’s say in transition. Intro’s over we arranged to meet in the bar…..well it didn’t take long but A-M soon knows if she likes someone. Yak, yak, yak….or something a little more feminine.

We then sauntered (can that be the right word, when tranny’s are in full heels?) up the lanes to the Italian we had found that afternoon ~ restaurant that is, in case you thought we were eyeing anybody up (no I don’t DO that sort of thing!). Anyway the meal was fun. I don’t think we caused too much of a stir but we certainly attracted a few ‘ribald’ comments on the way out ~ par for the course ~ and then joined the taxi rank for the 2 mile trek up to the Babylon lounge on the Hove seafront.

Now this Transister event….is supposed to be a reincarnation of something that happened about 10 years ago.


Well anyway, Brighton doesn’t have a lot for tgirls so anything new is much appreciated by anyone in the South of England ~ after all, we travelled 90 minutes plus to get there. It seemed a well organised disco/club night and was well attended (100+ ??) by a mixed crowd of tgirls, their partners and lots of interesting inbetweenies. Although we didn’t know many there, there was Georgia, Cassie (friend of old), Sandra Brighton and Ashley both local girls and a few faces that I ���vaguely recognised���.

But the great thing about clubs like this, is that you really can approach and talk to anyone!

Go to Georgia’s flickr site for pics of both this evening and Thursday.


There is a great pic of Roger, 2 down on the right, definitely a very interesting inbetweeny.

Well it was a great success and I gather that they plan another one in January and hope to make it a regular event. I would certainly recommend it for anyone that likes clubs ~ it isn’t too loud and there were quieter places where you could have a natter.


So as you can tell, it has been quite busy …… and there is more planned before Christmas. I know it tough for some that I go on about how nice it is to be with your wife at these events, or even to have that support… So few are so lucky. But I have to tell it like it is.

The pic above I think shows what it is all about. We are out there having a good time. She is enjoying herself, so am I. We probably feel years younger. After all we gave up going to clubs 10 years ago!!

Tonight, I shall give her a special cuddle as Tina. Over the w/e together I shall give her a special cuddle as Peter.

Love you lots and all the best to everyone else out there!

TinaCortina xx

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