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Hi Girls

I’ve been meaning to post for a while but surprisingly despite the weather it has been a very busy time at work.  I’ve been trying to think of a theme that would be short and snappy as I’m off ski-ing in the morning and don’t have a lot of time (Les Menuires in the Trois Vallees, for those of you in the know!).

Helen Chapel got me thinking as she pointed out an article that highlighted the top 100  trans sites. She wasn’t in it but she was in the top 250, which I think is marvelous considering she has been going only a few months.  I’m not exactly sure what the trans sites refer to, it looked rather more TS than CD so I wouldn’t expect to feature even if I had the numbers, but it got me thinking.  After all I deal with statistics in my job everyday!!

Last time I looked, my WordPress blog had generated about 3,500 views in maybe 9 months….not many!  I get maybe 10-20 a day on a normal day, peaking around 50-100 just after writing a new blog.  Of course just occasionally you get featured, or you appear first with the tag tg or cd and that helps but essentially WordPress is a small if friendly community and I think there is a lot more potential out there with blogger or the like.  But I like WP so I shall be sticking to it for a while yet!

I recall getting something over 20,000 views in yahoo360 in maybe 3 years, maybe twice what I get here and everyone seems to think y360 was a flop in number terms (though I still hanker for it in some ways).  Of course views are not everything and you want comments and interaction.  I think most of all you want to feel that some close friends are following what you have to say and vice versa.

I suspect my few regulars are well acquainted with the fact that I try to include a new photo with each of my tgirl blogs.  It is not always easy!!  I may not blog that often, but if I am to put up a new pic, I prefer it to be:

a)  a good one, or at least where I am closer to looking 10 years younger and not 10 years older! Ok Narcissa Cortina, wherefore art thou?

b) preferably one showing something different, a new dress, a new look, a new smile!!  nb pic above is showing a Christmas dress from my wife, so you had better be complimentary!

Now I know I don’t post that often, but then again I don”t dress or take photos any more often than I post so it is easier said than done, to keep one decent photo per blog!!  I know many blogs do not contain photos and they are none the worse for that, but I have started so I try to keep it up.

Something else I have tried to keep up is the quality of the pics on my Flickr site (which has been going for about 4 years)


I know you can pay a measly £15 a year for the pro site  which allows you to have unlimited photos, (and in my family guise we have a great site doing just that).  But on my Tina site I have tried to keep photos restricted.  Knowing the ‘free version’ is limited to 200 pics, I try not to put up too many at a time, and I know that if I put up half a dozen on the same subject it can take a whale of a time to recoup my average.

In the early days I tried to maintain 1 pic for 1,000 views.  Now of course I have plenty of pics with only 250 views and maybe 10 pics with more than 4,000.  I think this one is tops with about 6,500.

Anyway, I am now getting close to 100 pics and am keen to maintain that average.  Come on girls, assistance required!  I am currently 93 pics for 90,000 views and I want to get to the 100k for a 100.  I suppose this means I am going to be very careful in the next few months and not to waste pics on Brighton beach without any one in it!!

So I need your help!!!!!  Please click on the links or give me hints on how I might better improve my average over the next few weeks/ months.  Keep it clean though as I’ve never been known to reveal any flesh!!

Happy New Year everyone!

TinaCortina xx

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