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Tina Must get out more ~ episode 2

I’d promised a second episode so here it is! This was last Friday and I was heading over to Milton Keynes for my second ‘Big Night Out’ at Pink Punters in Milton Keynes. This is run on the 2nd Friday of the month and as it is opposite a Campanile hotel, both are very popular.

There is a huge sign at the Club, ‘Gay, Lesbian and Transgender’, and also the individual words, 10 yards apart and several yards high. The locals I suppose must be used to it. I gather as a tgirl you can go on pretty well any night these days and be treated fine. The UKangels ‘Angelic’ night has now gone twice a month on a Saturday so PP has done quite a bit to fill the vacuum left by Transmission’s temporary demise.

As I was on my own I wanted to elongate the evening if possible, by travelling to the event dressed, ideally having enough time to go shopping or make a trip somewhere before the do and the next morning although traveling up to Cheshire to pick up a new car, I’d thought about traveling some of the way en femme.

Anyway, my daughter who was home kindly left about 12. I was all planned, I’d travel in my favourite long brown skirt and ruched blouse (god knows if ruched is a word, but it’s the outfit you can see as my main profile pic). I keep coming back to it as it is so comfortable and I feel I can go anyway in it.

I got to the Campoanile about 3 and after checking-in and before unpacking I enjoyed a glass of wine in the bar. Always very friendly, I was soon chatting to Emma and planning the evening. I wasn’t sure whether to eat in the Campanile; the few times I’ve have eaten there it has been fine but there have been mixed reports from others. I had been told to checkout ‘The Bridge’ restaurant just down the road, so I dropped my stuff in my room (a HUGE suitcase with 4 or 5 outfits!) and got back in the car. The menu at the Bridge looked lovely but there was a function on that evening so that was that,

Anyway I carried on up the road till I found a Matalan. Now as it happens the outfit I was wearing came fron Matalan, so I’ve always enjoyed had a soft spot for them ~ well at least they are cheap!! Unfortunately the changing rooms were closed because of a leaking roof, but I enjoyed a pleasant hour pottering about and I did pick up a very cheap top. As usual, no-one bothered about me. I get smiles at the c/o and I always make a point of smiling back. Be positive and you rarely have a problem.

Anyway, back to the Campanile to change. Although I was going alone, I had made ‘vague arrangements’ to meet a girl, Julia D from Gloucestershire in the bar at around 6:30. This had followed a note on the Roses forum. By the time I had changed, pink singlet and denim skirt it was 7 but although the bar was packed when I came down Julia was clearly looking for a girl on her own. We chatted for an hour, she then went off to change and I went to eat with another girl who although her name escapes me now, was very nice. Both were about my age; Julia seems to get out quite a bit with her wife’s blessing even if she doesn’t usually accompany. The other was a typical, ‘I couldn’t possibly tell my wife, she just wouldn’t understand’.

On such occasions I always volunteer the services of my wife Ann-Maria. She is always happy to chat to anyone on the phone and still helps out at the UKangels Partner support newsgroup.

Anyway, we had the Table D’hote for a tenner which consisted of Buffet starter and a Chicken Plat du Jour. To be honest, the buffet would have done me, I just love being able to go around and help myself with cold meats and various salads.

We met others in the bar and went over about 10. I would just like to highlight just how friendly it is. I had been on my own (and was again when Julia went home quite early), I didn’t know anyone (oh I did spot Frankie Tv!), but had spoken to loads of girls, made friends with some; Across the road I chatted to Jenny for ages (she was in the pic in my last blog); then spotted Kitty (gg) from the TinaBristol newsgroup ~ we’d emailed each other the last time I went to BNO. She her, partner Tara and Sarah on in the pic above. Anyway, we chatted for a while, danced, drank, flitted between the 3 floors at Pink Punters and very easily 5 hours just drifted by…..

……The only thing I would say if I was honest, the high heels were killing me by the end and walking back over the road to the hotel I was a little unstable ….and it wasn’t the drink!!

Actually I knew I would be driving at 9 the next morning so took it fairly easy; it’s funny how Tina drinks alcopops, though my male half would have a seizure at the thought!!

I needed to be up in Cheshire at 12:30 to get my car, so if I left at 9ish I was likely to have an hour or so spare. With that in mind, I decided to stay as Tina, which meant big touch-up and tone-down of the make-up. (Naughty girl hadn’t taken it off last night!!); I did though decide to wear Jeans and the shortie boots my wife had bought me for Christmas.

I made one stop as Tina on the way, just into a motorway service station but really it was just me deciding I wanted to drive as Tina. In the end it was easy enough when I got back onto the M6 to find a quiet spot remove wig, make-up and boobs, change shoes and continue for the last 30 mins.

I’d had a lovely time, but I did miss being with A-M, so I hope she is with me next time.

Adios, amigos TC xx

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