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Back home folks ~ did anyone miss me??!

Hello everyone, Tina is back in town!

Been away skiing this last week and it was lovely to get away; I actually played the man all week with no Tina in sight nor sound! Well nearly, I did take a lovely pair of thongs. ‘You’re not going to wear those?’ my dear lady said, when she saw me getting dressed one morning ~ ‘you’ll get a cold bum!!’ ~ lol

I do recall getting into trouble just before holiday – ok, so I shaved again. I don’t do it ‘religiously’ but every few weeks, sometimes a couple of months even, I do feel like relinquishing my body hair. It seems that since I first applied the Veet, I rather like it. Sadly my wife doesn’t. She also accused me of doing it just before the holiday when we would all be sharing the hot tub. Haha. Hot tubs outside at -5 degrees C or lower just didn’t appeal to anyone.

We had two days of glorious sunshine, and then two or three days when it snowed and closed in during the afternoon. It was -20 at the top glacier (3,600m) but it was the wind that made it chilly. Fortunately it did warm up a bit at the end of the week, but even so we never saw a temperature anywhere on that mountain above freezing!

My son was with us, which was great for the skiing in the afternoon, he rarely got up before 10, but when he did join us, it was nice to be skiing together, even if he boards and is now rather quicker than me. I’m not sure I would bother with the black runs without him, but we egg each other on a little ~ good manly bonding, chuckle. I do recall one day, my wife said, ‘I’m going back, you stay behind and do the man thing with your son’. Actually I think she just meant ‘you stay up here and get cold’ as the weather was coming down on us.

Les Deux Alpes (in the Southern French alps) is a pretty good ski resort, plenty for a mixed ability crowd like us. As well as my wife and son there were 5 friends including the only person (Cathy), that A-M or I have ever told about Tina. She was pretty cool about it 2 years ago, even came to a tgirl social in Milton Keynes one time, but the Tina topic didn’t even come up this holiday, which is fine, that’s as it should be.

A-M and I have been going skiing now just over 21 years. We were reminded of that as on our second skiing trip to Mahrhofen, Austria 20 yrs ago, we returned to news of the terrible Zeebrugge disaster, which we saw in the papers has just had its 20th anniversary.

On holiday when skiing you really are touched by all things white & beautiful, clean, natural, fresh smelling and OK cold at times! ~ and something of a news blackout, so it was something of a shock that one time to hear of so many killed in the English channel.

This time it was just Gordon (Brown) and his budget (shock horror, base rate income tax down to 20% but read the small print to find out what has gone up!!) and our boring football team (0-0 with Israel). I mean even Scotland are top of their group!!

We returned a little early (just a half day really) as A-M’s Mum has not been well, so love to Blanche from Peter. I know with A-M away tonight, for the wrong reasons Tina had a chance to dress, and OK I made the most of it, in the quiet of our own room, with daughter out. It was nice but I’d rather have had the warmth of a shared bed tonight and a cuddle that I shall now save for tomorrow. Still its nice to be back.

Busy week ahead, but I will try to add a skiing pic tomorrow (see above!!);

Take care all, Love Tina xx

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