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Hello, yes I am still here! TinaCortina or Tina Cortina!

Reading stuff in the UK of the Labour mp (Jared O’Mara, I think) who had a bad history on social media, (historic anti-homophobic comments) which apparrently had been ‘googled’ on a ‘pretend’ name, whatever he had used in the past had not remained a secret; well this encouraged me (if that is the word) to google my own name (tinacortina or different results with a space between the two).

On an aside issue, I have always liked my name and the associations with the italian ski resort (Cortina) so the some of the pics on the snow are good.  And the assocations with the Cortina car are (in the UK) full of reminiscences.   My first company car was a mini (at the time this was British Leyland), and I stayed with Allegro, Marina not by choice and not the best of choices, while others had Ford, so there were a lot of ‘Cortinas’ and later Granadas, which I did have at one point.  Now I just stick to BMW, lol!

I was not sure how many of my past photos would be picked up on a search, as I changed my flickr photos to either friends only or private some years ago. I don’t worry too much about being outed.  I mean I would not welcome it, especially as I do so little on the piblic side these days, but I don’t feel I have too much to be ashamed of, and besides I am getting old, so aside from shocking my mother and best friends, then so what (??!).

There are some nice pics of me and my wife, one or two from facebook but others from flickr or my blog. My wife would kill me if outed, but I hope would ultimately understand. (Watch this space!)

Another point, a friend of my daughter once identified us from ‘our kitchen pics’, haha. Not good really.  We once went to a an evenng out where the other girl, very drunk, bumped into my daughter, and during the conversation mentioned she ‘knew about me’ (angst for my daughter but never discussed since).

But anyway the point of this post is that you will find it very difficult to hide things against those that ever find a connection.

I would like to reach the point where I just celebrate whatever I have done in the past and not worry about repercussions.

Wouldn’t that be really nice??

But then somebody horrible might just ‘try’ to ruin my life like they did the other young girl in the UK on social media over the last few days, though I hope it wouldn’t affect me in the same way. But then who can say the family wouldn’t be affected?

Well anyway, I put this up for comments with a link to some oldish photos of myself and lots of others I may be associated with, haha. Hope they are ok about this.

I suspect some of the photos have already been deleted so that is not the answer.

I am more interested in how the community as a whole feels about these photos being in the public domain and what if anything anyone would want to do about it. (?)




(last updated 2013, haha)


It will be interesting to see if any of those work!!

Hugs TinaCortina (she that does not really exist except on google!) xx




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