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Lovely walk with my grandson!


Just got back from a first walk with my first grandson Joshua.  Lovely.

My daughter is down for a few days, Wednesday to Saturday.  Last night we sat at the dinner table and chatted.  Tonight after our meal I asked if I could get the buggy out.

We are fortunate to live in a lovely area.  There are quite a lot of houses but the area is very hilly, every house every garden is different and we are surrounded on 3 sides by Ludshott Common.  Lovely walking, dog walking, horse riding country if you are into that.   I’ve often done the walk around the edge of our ‘estate’ and sometimes venturing on the common with my father and/or father in law or with Mac the dog when he visits.  It takes on new meaning with your grandson and reminded me greatly of early times with our own 3 kids.

I did the usual kept mostly to the tarmac roads, some of course are not maintained.  Skirting the ‘outside’ going in and out of every last cul-de-sac.  Touched onto the Common, over to Fairlands, back in abstract fashion, up and down in and out.  Close on a couple of hours.  A feeling of close companionship.  Communion with nature.

Josh and I had a chat for 10 minutes.  He then dropped off.  I spoke less to him after that but still enjoyed the odd word.  In many way it reminded me of the walks I have had in the past.  We enjoy looking at the houses and the gardens.  Some were quite exquisitely kept.  A source of great inspiration if I was a gardener, but I’m not.

But I did get the feeling of quiet solitude. Of pride at being with my grandson. Proud of my daughter his Mummy.   Pride of all parts of the family that have joined together at this happy time.  Thinking that Josh has 3 great grand parents on our side.  4 generations that may not last forever, but will bring a great deal of pleasure to my wife and I while we still have it.  And thought too for the missing Blanche, who I know would have doted on Josh.

At 7 weeks there doesn’t seem a lot that one can give.  Love.  A cuddle.  The odd offer of help if he is in need.  Nappy changing can come when needed, but taking him for a walk is the easiest of pleasures and gives his Mum a break.  I love it and although he is at the other end of the country I hope to get to do it often.  One day we can venture to the park or the pub, but where won’t matter.  It is just a question of who.  A very special who.

Special moments which I will enjoy while he is small, but hope to remember for ever more.

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