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Birthday bash!

Well truth be told, I didn’t make it to ‘Sex and the City’ as Tina, but still had a lovely birthday. I don’t blame A-M; after all she is on crutches at the mo and just going out is a painful exercise. She had suggested the cinema last week and really surprised me when she said as birthday treat I could go as Tina. How could I refuse? And I thought Sex and the City the perfect film to make our girly evening debut together.

While A-M did pull the plug it is true, perhaps I created the environment for her to do so. I had said even in my last blog that I wasn’t going to push it, that I might give her the opportunity to backtrack, that if she didn’t want to go (with Tina) that would be fine. Well first we changed the location to somewhere slightly further afield. Then the day before, I was hearing nervous noises. And on birthday morning, she confirmed that she wanted to go with ‘Peter’.

I can’t blame her. I guess she thought that we’d stick out rather…….me ‘en femme’ and her ‘en crutch’. The logistics of doing anything are automatically changed when you have someone using crutches. Where can you drop off? Do you have different levels? How many steps are? How far do you have to walk? These would be the important things, enough to consider without worrying about the tranny in tow.

Anyway, we had a lovely evening. We went a little earlier, sat at the waterside in front of all the yachts at Port Solent, had a pitcher of Pimms, shared a starter, enjoyed some really nice pizza at Zizzi washed down with a bottle of Rosé…..and then we went off the watch the film in the company of 3 other guys and 93 other women (yes, I counted!!). It was quiet when we arrived and I don’t think going in or watching (as Tina) would have been a problem, but it wasn’t to be.

On the other hand, A-M has said that perhaps we can do this another time. So that is much more important to me than a single evening. We shall see. I won’t push it. I want her to enjoy it and will only agree if she does it willingly.

So anyway. the birthday started in traditional fashion, opening cards and presents in bed, but this was probably the 1st time there has been just the two of us, my youngest having gone off to university this year. Some great CD’s I’d asked for (from the past! Joni Mitchell “Blue”, and a really old James Taylor), books including the final Rebus Novel from Ian Rankin and the latest Dick Francis in ‘collusion’ with his son) and a new Wii console that we had to buy because we want the Wii ‘fit’ which is in short supply here in England. Golf Trousers and the odd cheque or two.

Not very femme, but as a guy, I’m a guy. I may on occasion shave my hair, but my books and interests are for the most part male oriented and I do keep things in separate departments.

Anyway, no need for false tears, I was still to have a day as Tina. Subject to my gg friend Barbara being well enough, I was intending to do the 200 mile round trip to Folkestone to visit. I rang at 8:00am, changed into my alter ego as Tina and was there at 11:30, stopping only briefly for a bunch of flowers.

It was lovely to see her. A GG young girl Marcia had called around also. Now Barbie has some serious things wrong with her and a partner that has been in and out of hospital recently for all sorts of reasons. But her outlook on life is so positive. She continues to help tgirls that ring or call around; she sells on the internet, she takes up new hobbies regularly, be it dressmaking or making earrings, she sells on ebay clothes and wigs and jewellery. The latest thing is she has bought this huge Dolls House and is renovating it room by room, floor by floor. She even had 3 books on DIY Doll’s Houses. While there she was also encouraging Marcia to go into wig care and nail care offering positive 1-1 help to someone considering taking a course.

I think Barbara is a treasure and I just love going around, chatting to her. Totally non -judgemental. Always willing to help.

Anyway, I enjoyed the trip, got home at 3 and as A-M was home early had the chance to model a new dress, and try on some new beautiful clip-on earrings that A-M then presented me with. Now clip-ons are quite hard to get hold of these days and A-M had gone to the troublem of ordering this particular pair from a local jewellery shop, so that made them extra special. She even took a few photos of me, one above, before we went out for our evening. It was supposed to show the earrings, but just shows my orange make-up….oh well, may change the pic to the new dress!

Another birthday, another year older, but a special birthday nonetheless.


Love TinaCortina xx

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