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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hi Girls

Well it’s the shortest day and Winter starts (only) today.  Christmas is fast approaching, we have family arriving tomorrow onwards and the (minor) road outside is almost impossible.  The 4-wheel drives are ok and some of the smaller front wheel drive cars manage the local hilly bits but I just veered off dangerously and after parking ‘outside’ our housing area and walking the mile back up, watched a car struggle, stop half way up,  then just about make it up the hill.

Who can believe it after last year being the most snow in years?  Dec 2009 was bad enough and then it came again in January, but we’ve probably topped that this month.  Lets hope it clears up as the ‘parents’ arrive Friday and my pregnant daughter and hubbie.  Maybe even an aged (but well-loved) Aunt.  I don’t fancy the prospect of getting their luggage (and presents!) the last mile.  And next week on Wednesday we are flying from Gatwick for 3 days in the real snow. 

As my wife would tell me, there is so much organisation to Christmas and the travel situation is causing a lot of worry.  I have to feel so sorry for those flying off with loved ones or to meet loved ones for Christmas and New Year.  Who would fancy being stuck at the airports for 24 hours which is happening at the moment?  The good news is that it is going to get warmer and wet.  The bad news is that this will not be until Boxing Day.  So until then we will worry and hope!!

Well I hope you are all enjoying your own preparations for Christmas, where-ever you are. 

Tina has done her shopping ~ some on the internet, but also had a day out shopping a month ago.  It’s just a shame she has only one person to buy for!!    She had a fun Christmas meal last Wednesday at the Fox & Hounds in Theale (54 ladies + one ex-tranny in black tie!).   All very pleasant;  lovely to see some old friends (albeit all too briefly in some cases), but generally just a nice meal and a good chat with friend Davina.  My thanks to Daryl (?) the manager, but most especially to Lorraine Milford.  She really is a splendid organiser and I was intrigued to hear of the history of the monthly Theale meal (3rd Wednesday of the month, without fail!!), two previous locations but already 7 years I think at the F&H.  Survived several change of ownerships too, lol!  It is nice to know that we are welcome.  That was last Wednesday.  I had another very nice evening dressed Friday night, a few photos in front of the Christmas tree (see above, lol).  Then Tina has to go away, at least physically until the new Year, even if she will make an appearance in spirit Christmas Eve to swop pressies with a dear wife.  Lots of nice stuff to give, nice to receive.

The blog has been going a few years now and I guess there is an exact same blog 12 months ago.  But heh, while I know that not everyone believes in Christmas, it is a real opportunity to get together with the family and celebrate something together.  My kids love Christmas.  As a ‘child’ and with my parents, which includes FIL and aged Aunt if she comes, I love Christmas, past AND present.  Christmas with the family.  That is the joy of Christmas.

Quick thoughts for friends that are not or haven’t been well.   As those that follow my blogs will know, Fabuliss has been part of my life for the last couple of years.  These have been run with boundless energy and enthusiasm by Linda and Natasha.  Linda hasn’t been well and the last couple of meets have been cancelled.  Well I like to think not cancelled but postponed!!  Linda, I do think of you often.  I hope treatment is going well and we will have the opportunity to meet early in the New Year.  Likewise my friend Barbara in Folkestone.  Always a trooper.  Never one to let anything get to her cheerfulness and general optimism about everything.  Barbara, thank you.  I owe you a lot and I hope also to see you soon.

To one and all, a very Merry Christmas and Health and Happiness for 2011.

And thinking of Bing Crosby his ‘White Christmas’ and many other famous oldies, let me finish with ‘may it not snow, may it not snow, may it not snow’.

Hugs TinaCortina xx

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