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Happy New Year everyone!! .

Christmas has been and gone. It was lovely to have the family here….My Mum & Dad, A-M’s Dad, my son (& his gf), were all here for 4 or 5 days. My youngest daughter was here for uni holidays until just after New Year. Just my mid daughter missing who wanted to spend her first ‘married’ Christmas in her own house back in Shropshire. We did miss her, especially during the present giving frenzy on Christmas day!!

Tina had swopped pressies with A-M as usual the night before. I had an LBD, a couple of tops and a nice long skirt + some perfume. Enough to make a girl swoon, but they have to be put away until the family have all gone. I try to buy A-M lots of pressies, some to be given from Tina, others the next morning. One of these was a Wii Fit, which we have been trying to get all year and in the end I had to pay £30 over the recommended price to get it ~ they have been in such short supply.

So who amongst you has a Wii Fit? I think it is a wonderful piece of software for those who need a little bit of a push to do exercise. I think gyms came a little too late for ppl of my age group. And besides, to my mind, a gym is too much like my dreaded sports of Running, Cycling and Swimming. You do these only if absolutely essential; but otherwise give me a ball to hit around. However the Squash ball disappeared 10 years ago and the Golf ball while a lot better than nothing, is not guaranteed to get you into shape.

So the Wii Fit was opened on Dec 25 and I had a weigh in the same day (help!). My wife’s birthday is Feb 25. A day or two after that we are taking a gang of friends and family to Jerez (Spain) for a long weekend (whisper, it’s her 50th!). Quite close to Seville and Cadiz on the Costa De la Luz, I dare say there will be some flaunting of bodies so it seemed like a good idea to lose some weight. Two months for each of us to lose a stone (14lbs). Should be easy enough but I’ve only lost 3lbs so far.

Reminds me that over Christmas my Mum’s quite nutty but lovely sister (mid eighties) was also here for a couple of days. She’s wonderful……..so much energy, so independent…..she has friends in Norway and France and visits them on her own each year. You can’t shut her up, but she is so enthusiastic sometimes it is just nice to let talk on behalf of the two of you ~ it doesn’t require too much effort!!

Anyway, we played some 10-pin bowling with the Wii and of course those that know them realise why you have to have the strap and why they have introduced these ‘silly’ plastic over-covers for the Wii wand. It is of course to stop silly buggers like my aunt throwing the thing against the wall. I’d just ‘taught’ her how to swing her arm, press button b and release and she promptly ‘threw’ the Wii, missing the television by inches and then clattered against the wall. So close to causing hundred of pounds of damage……………oh ‘C’est la vie’ and life would be a lot poorer without mild eccentrics like my aunty.


I sometimes wonder if I equate my willingness to parade around as Tina (no that is not true, I never parade, I just exude femininity…(!)), I wonder if it is just me showing my mild eccentricities? For whatever reason, I have never felt I wanted to be what seems to be perceived as ‘normal’. I’ve always felt different, just a little bit. Being Tina allows me to be as different as I like, but at the same time in trying to convince someone, I am what I am not, I am trying my utmost to carry it off.

Not confident enough to be a leader (I don’t like change!) and have everyone following me. But I’ve got more about me than to follow someone else without questioning why. Funnily enough, I’ve always thought of myself as a good 2nd in command, so long as the No 1 knows what’s what. Oh such is marriage, (haha, who thought I was talking about something else?).

I do like to be Tina and there are times when I would like to dress up more often, but it is never a thing I overly worry about when there are people in the house. Yes, I wanted to sneak and try on some of my Christmas clothes (I did). I might think, if my daughter was not here, I could be myself, but then what is myself? When its warm enough I might wander around the house naked….but I wouldn’t do that when my daughter is around…well I feel the same way about being Tina. I would if I could, but if I can’t then I can wait.


So January comes, and Ann-Maria and I have a nice Friday night at home. And then this last week, I visited a new venue just 5 miles from home, called Fabuliss!


Actually, Fabulissimo!

This was started up back in Sept 08. GG Linda and partner Natasha run it. If you go to their page you can read all about how they met on a cruise, really hit it off and decided to do something about the lack of TG venues in the immediate vicinity. The venue is really well run and there are lots of ‘helpers’ who really make you feel welcome.

They had a couple of meetings in the local ‘village community centre’ which I couldn’t make but since then had a Christmas Party in December (which I did go to). 70 Girls/GG’s, possibly the odd guy, turned up….they had their normal bar……dancing……drag artiste cabaret…and a fabulous buffet…all for £12.

There is to be a monthly meet, 2nd Wednesday each month………theme night one month, chill out night (normal dress) the following month. I’m not too sure about the themes; I’ve never really had the need to dress as a maid, or a schoolgirl etc, but you never know. Anyway, its not as though they will turn you away if you turn up as normal!!

Anyway, good luck to Linda, Natasha and crew………..they work very hard to create the right atmosphere. It’s a
nice bright bar area and Sue the community centre licensee is very friendly. Last Wednesday, they also invited Natalie and Pat from Treloggan wigs (Portsmouth). We could go to a separate room and try on dozens that were brought along, available at 10% discount.

I’ve been planning to buy (another) new wig, but they didn’t have anything with them I fancied. Am I am so hard to please? All I really want to do is replace the one I have with something very very similar!!

Another time. Linda also does her own range of clothing specialising in basques and corsets as outerwear… …hmmm yes I must take a look sometime!


And yes another time, A-M might join me there. She doesn’t usually do mid-week, and she won’t travel with me, but she did consider going along in separate cars. It didn’t happen, but one day!

By the way, my picture above taken just before I went to the Fabuliss meeting. All in black, I was trying to look as though I went to the meet straight from the office. Haha, not a chance!!


Well I also did the Christmas Theale meal in December and I’m planning on going to the January meal in a couple of days time ~ 3rd Wednesday of month. This one is a bit further to travel, an hour+, but it is well run and an opportunity to go to a real pub.

February could be very busy. There is the Jerez trip (in male mode of course). But we also plan on going to Transisters in Brighton, assuming that the changed venue goes Ok in January. Then again there is Valentines Day and the a Birthday meal (and gifts) to organise.

Ho hum, it should be fun!!

If you have been, thanks for reading……..

Love TinaCortina xx

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