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June 09 ~ Miss Fabuliss

090610~TinaCortina before fabuliss (1a)Miss Fabuliss 2009

by TinaCortina ~ roving Hampshire reporter

Another great day at Fabuliss (www.fabuliss.co.uk) at the Millenium Hall, Liphook on June 10th, culminated in the crowning of Tanya as Miss Fabuliss 2009. Not even a year old, the Fabuliss venue is drawing girls from all areas of the country and last night saw a gathering of 60-70 for the first Miss Fabuliss awards ceremony which was sponsored by Tim Savage photography, Treloggan wigs, The Way out Club and of course Transliving magazine.

Linda, wife of Natasha, the two being joint organisers of Fabuliss, has said that the club is building up a very loyal following all over Hampshire and Surrey and last night saw girls from Cardiff, Yeovil and Essex visit for the first time. News is spreading fast! Great venue, ideal for parties or the quieter chill-out nights, held monthly on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. A good mix of tgirls, their wives and girlfriends, and lots of Linda’s friends helping out just adds to the girly atmosphere.

Last night saw over 20 entrants donning their best outfits to ‘strut their stuff’ down the catwalk, complete with red (crepe!) carpet, while Linda did the interviewing, a la Julia Morley at Miss World contests. Tim Savage took photos. The judging panel of 4 marked each girl on their femininity, style, manner and deportment. The crowds cheered and just took lots of photos.

The girls were each asked a few questions ~ their role models (varied from Sophia Loren to Audrey Hepburn, Christine Bleakley to Jennifer Anniston, and yes, several of the entrants said it was their wives that inspire (just the answer I would have given!) ~ their hobbies; well most said shopping and more shopping ! (what else?) ~ What it would mean to win. There were some good answers here. Aside from shock, either for themselves (or their wives), the most common theme was that it would reinforce their femininity and inspire them to get out and encourage other girls.

For the record, Tanya won the crown of Miss Fabuliss, which she wore wonderfully well looking resplendent in a strapless cocktail dress, with silver satin couture bodice, ball gown skirt layered with soft tulle, accompanied by diamante accessories and cross-over strappy stilettos. She won a Tim Savage photo-shoot, transcare products and a subscription from Transliving, and a gift from Treloggan wigs. Trudy 2nd and Sarah 3rd also won the book and subscription. All won fabulous flower baskets.

I was sitting with a group of the ‘FABWAGS’, wives and girlfriends of the Fabuliss tgirls! Most had come the previous month and several had their partners entering that night, Trudy who came 2nd being one, so we had something to celebrate. The WAGS had met up earlier in the month as a special support group and social event running alongside tgirl evenings, which they are planning to repeat.

Some of these wives are in desperate need when their husbands ‘come out’, so it’s great that this has been set up. Several have also joined the UKAngels partner support group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/UKAngelsPartnerSupport/ which my wife helps to run. It’s good to know there is some help out there.

Well back to Fabuliss, we had a stupendous buffet from Sue, which itself is building up a reputation; a great cabaret from Phil Owen who is coming back for the Christmas party ~ all this and the Miss Fabuliss (free) entry if you had wanted to enter, for £13 on the night.

Next month (July 8), Fabuliss are just having a quiet chill-out evening in the Millenium Hall bar, but a month later, August 12 is the 1st birthday party, again with cabaret and buffet. If you are within a hundred miles of Liphook (or perhaps further), don’t miss it!

Sponsor links: www.transliving.co.uk, www.trelogganwigs.co.uk, www.thewayoutclub.com, www.timsavage.co.uk;

Hugs all,

TinaCortina 11 June 2009

Lots more pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/42326024@N00.

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