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Sparkle 2006 ~ July 18, 2006

I’m sad to say that we missed SPARKLE 2006 (in Manchester); it was unavoidable so I have absolutely no complaints but its a shame when thinking that the dates went into the diary in June 05, just as the June 07 dates are now in the diary. I’d even run the Papagenos fundraiser in March 06 that raised £800. Still that was a good event in its own right and I have the photos of that event on this site.

My friends Davina and Astrid went with their respective wives and had a good time and I’m pleased to hear there were upwards of 1000 tgirls there. It needs to continue to grow each year to maintain momentum but KimAngel and her army of helpers are doing an excellent job of organising SPARKLE and increasing awareness without actually pushing the boat out with publicity. It is one of those strange things but more publicity, say over the weekend might actually put off more than it attracts….or attract the wrong sort. I’m sure you would get less partners there for a start!

Just to brighten up this blog, I’m adding a photo…..here’s one of me watering the hanging baskets this last weekend. Ann-Maria was away so I’m in charge of ensuring the flowers don’t die in this heatwave. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Ok, well I’m hoping to up-date regularly, if I’ve anything to say. Bear in mind I am always open to suggestions……..in a nice sort of way of course!

Take care Love Tina_Cortina x

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