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Escapism or just being different?

Tonight I was watching a series of programs on the history of wildlife on TV (BBC4) and in one they suggested that the birth of environmentalism was a form of escapism.  Visits in the fifties to zoos or to watch Zoo Quest with David Attenborough was simply a desire to see and experience entirely new things.  For those that had not set foot out of ‘Bradford’, seeing animals ‘out of Africa’ was literally out of this world.

The birth of environmentalists then grew in the sixties alongside ‘free sex’ and ‘ban the bomb’ marches , and fired by the Torrey Canyon disaster the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) grew and prospered to the extent that now we take for granted that we should try to ‘save the world’ and as many species in it as possible ~ something that just fifty years ago would have been a truly ‘out of this world ‘ idea.

It doesn’t take long!  Less than a lifetime to change the world’s perception!


It occurred to me that many of those trying to change the world were doing so in rebellion to their parents, in rebellion to the government, to the mores of their society.  In other words they wanted to be different, they wanted to change the world and acted upon it.

It is a fairly natural thing to be different.  Those that are sufficiently different that have leadership qualities succeed in politics or religions and attain many followers.  The more mundane amongst us tread our own separate ways but get their ‘high’ out of not being one of the sheep.


Many of us that are tgirls, crossdressers or trannies do so because we enjoy being different.  It is our own form of escapism where we can be something else for a part of our lives.

For some (with due deference to my transsexual sisters) it is no different to having a personality that works and a personality that plays.  These personalities are interwoven but often very different.

Those that are stressed at work often want high kicks at home (or away!).  Extreme sports.  Travel to far-off places. New religions or the latest health kick, pilates or yoga.  Others get their kicks from extra-marital affairs and it is easy to think of celebrity icons such as Tiger Woods, Hugh Grant even Michael Jackson in this context.


To be a tgirl or tranny and to be out in public requires a certain amount of bottle, even if not so much as it would have 50 years ago, and when out, many of us get a natural high. Is this (for many) not just another form of escapism?  The opportunity to dress, to make-up and transform, to adopt a totally different persona?

How many of us are in reality dual personality (does this mean schizoid?) and actually need at least two personalities to remain sane.  But is this so bad?  How many amongst us act one way amongst their friends, another in front of their parents?  What about the guy that is so ‘in love’ that his personality totally changes in front of the one he loves?

I’m a tgirl, a crossdressser, a  tranny (UK).  I enjoy the fact that for periods of my life I can be different.  It is my form of escapism, it really shouldn’t hurt anyone although I understand that it can cause embarrassment and difficulty if some around me were to find out.

But todays difference is tomorrows normality and we all have to pave the way for those that follow.

Thanks for reading


TinaCortina xx


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