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Happy Families!


For we have a strong family unit.  A unit, that all being well will increase by one.  My eldest daughter announced this weekend that she is pregnant.  Which I hope will lead to the first of our grandchildren.

It is a special moment and draws family together.

A Friday phone call to her Mum.  Get Dad to the phone and listen together. An excited daughter!

“I’m going to have a baby”

Fortunately, a friend had cancelled coming to visit this weekend, so there was no difficulty is going up to Shropshire for a Family reunion meal.  My youngest daughter first travelled up from Bournemouth and then we drove the 175 miles to stay with Jemma & Daniel whose marriage 2 years ago, I blogged here in August 2008.

After graduation and when looking for first jobs, they chose to live in the county of my birth, close to Jem’s grandparents, my Mum and Dad  (Dad had his 86th birthday on Friday) and A-M’s Dad a sprightly 85.  One of my sisters lives close by as does A-M’s sister, with her husband and their two kids.

It was easy to assemble a goodly family crowd for a celebratory meal and while some knew and some might have guessed, I don’t think her grandparents knew why Jemma was organising the meal.

After the preliminaries of organising drinks, Jemma stood, congratulated my Dad on his 86th birthday the day before and handed him a card addressed to ‘Great Granddad’  instead of Granddad, while announcing her news.  Big smiles and spontaneous applause.  It was a special moment and it was lovely to be surrounded by most of our closest family.

All families have their tensions, especially cross generations, but I believe that we have an especially strong unit.  Our two sides, my wife and my own are fortunately very close,  and especially united by our three children.  I hope against hope that all will be well for with our first grand-child and for my daughter and that we will go on to have many more.


Rejoice and be happy,  for (as my father says, “God Willing”), I am to be a Grandfather, we are to be Grandparents!


If you have been, thanks for reading


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  1. Hi Tina,

    Congratulations for you and A-M and your daughter. Babies are so wonderful, new life springing into being, a new person. They bring so much fun amid the hard work and worries. I am so pleased for you all.

    Hugs, Anna, x

    Comment by Anna Arendt | September 7, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Anna

      You know you are most welcome on my site. You say the sweetest things and you just add to my feeling of celebration. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed! Hugs Tina x

      Comment by TinaCortina | November 5, 2010 | Reply

  2. I’m a “bit” late but let me congratulate. 🙂 Living in a loving family is the greatest gift of life. It’s what I strive for.


    Comment by sophiataylor | October 31, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Sophie;

      Thanks for visiting. Yes I know I am lucky in so many ways and you are right about the greatest gift in life.

      Big hugs

      Tina x

      Comment by TinaCortina | November 5, 2010 | Reply

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