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August 2010~Pink Punters

Not surprisingly, when the wife’s away, I tend to play.  Is this surprising, is this selfish?  I don’t think so.  After all when she is around, I dress as much or as little as she allows, plus perhaps the odd occasion at my own instigation but not that many.  So if she is away, as she was this last weekend from Thursday to Sunday inclusive, there is a fair chance I am going to dress at some point.  And if I can arrange something away, then generally so much the better.  I tend to think that rather than dress up every weekend when she is here, then she would probably prefer it if I took the chance while she is not impacted and then in her words, I’m not so desperate to dress at other times.  To be honest, I would never say I get that way, but I appreciate what she means.

As it happens, both A-M and I went to a BBQ back in June at the Portsmouth home of Nena and my friend Georgia Gorgeous (what a great name!).  As I recall, the BBQ was anytime from about 2 onwards but as it was a World Cup night, the first England game, rather than stay all evening, we came back and watched the game at home.  That was OK, a few hours in the sunshine as Tina, some chat with Georgia, Nena, old friends Katie and Rachel and Jo and several others.  I was just pleased that A-M had been happy to go, had been happy to drive down the two of us together in the car (something she hadn’t liked in the past)  and then actually enjoyed the afternoon, enjoyed the people that were there.  It wasn’t a tranny event per se, but a mix of people from all walks of life at which tgirls were welcome.  A-M seemed to get on well with pretty well everyone.  I could have gone in drab and still had fun, but it was nice to dress.

I knew at the time that I would have this free w/e in August and had asked my favourite firefighter Katie if she was free and whether we could do something.  She was going to be with her kids, so she couldn’t make it, but maybe she spoke about it to Georgia.  Anyway about a week ago, Georgia contacted me told me she and Nena were going to Pink Punters and that they had a spare room at the Campanile opposite.  £35 for the room including breakfast!  Would I like to go?  Well yes, thank you very much for asking!


I told A-M pretty well straight away, as she hates me doing anything behind her back.  She didn’t seem thrilled (why should she be?) but a couple of days later she made a couple of suggestions as to what I should wear ~ from her wardrobe!!    ……  she was offering a gorgeous sequin knee-length cocktail dress or a soft crepe calf length purple dress. She hadn’t worn the latter for a few years but the sequin dress I considered one of her favourites, so I was honoured.  Along with a dress she had bought me at Christmas, horizontal black stripes, I had 3 decent choices. I considered a full dress rehearsal on Friday night, make-up, wig and full regalia, but to be honest I couldn’t be bothered, so I did quickly try them on and decided to take them all.   I packed a small case besides the dresses, including my best black heels and my comfort boots just in case I chickened out of the formal look and after golf on Saturday morning I would be ready to go.


Pink Punters in Milton Keynes (PP in MK!) is famous as a large club catering for the Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered scene, but I think they are getting an increasingly mixed crowd if Saturday was anything to go by. Plenty of straight guys and girls, three levels, two with dance floors with two types of music,  a quieter bar and sitting area on the top.  It’s about 90 miles, 90 minutes each way on a good run.

I arrived about 5:30, Saturday afternoon, checked in ‘in drab’,  poured myself a Southern Comfort and set about my ‘transformation’.  I planned to eat in the Campanile but thought I’d get an hour in the bar first, so just put on a denim skirt and casual black top. It wasn’t long before Georgia and Nena arrived and they were planning on Vodka & Red Bull in their room before changing and then going to the club about 10ish, so I joined them for a rather riotous hour.  Nena has what you might consider a strong personality and any time in her presence is likely to give you the giggles.

I had to eat, but first I popped back to my room and decided on the Sequins.

Of course it would have been nice to have made a grand entrance, into the bar and restaurant, looking the bees-knees in my glad rags, but it was very quiet.  Not to worry.  I had the remains of a bottle of white wine and two helpings of the cold buffet to sustain me for a nights dancing.


I guess we went over to the club about 10:30-11.  Its only 100 yards across the road.  It was lively inside and Nena made for the upstairs level and I followed.   When there, we ordered her tipple, large Vodka and Red Bull and a  Smirnoff ice for me.  About 10 minutes later we noticed Georgia wasn’t with us, but we weren’t worried.  I’d guessed she gone to the ladies or for a wander around and was confident she would find us.  It was another 10 minutes before she did and she seemed upset.  Apparently she’d been lost, no idea where we were, had rung us (my mobile having been left back at the hotel), and had considered going back.  Well all the drinks had disappeared so Nena bought another round , 3 large Vodkas this time but then the two of them went downstairs and I started chatting to Tina.  They didn’t seem to be coming back so after an age I picked up what I could carry of the drinks and went downstairs.

By the time I found Nena, tipsy Georgia had gone back.  I then joined Nena chatting to one couple.  One girl had brought her Mum.  Priceless!  Anyway we chatted and then the group seemed to expand and we got separated.  A few dances.  A chat with a big group of girls that wanted their photos taken with me!! My goodness how many times did that happen that night?  I went for a wander and when I came back, Nena had disappeared.  So I went on the dance floor again.  Basically alone, but I was soon drawn into a few groups.  It was such fun.  I enjoyed the mix of music in the middle level much more than what I considered the usual electronic trance stuff.  I also switched levels and danced downstairs for a while where the young and rather more lithe were entertaining the throngs with some athletic pole dancing.

There was even a pool table.  Susan would have approved!!

Well time sped by. I danced.  My heels stayed on.  In retrospect, I was amazed that I kept my shoes on as I usually have problems after an hour or so ~ but these days I always tape two or three toes up using plasters.  I may not have been especially ladylike but I clambered up the bank going back to the hotel.  I had my room to myself, so despite the late hour I took my time ‘coming down’.  Had a an SC and took a few more photos (on automatic) in the sequin dress.  Then changed back to the purple and took a few more.  It’s a nice way to relax and I hadn’t had that many pics on my camera in the club.  I then cleaned up, showered and despite the rather late hour, packed, so that in the morning I could go straight down to breakfast then leave.

Sunday morning, I was home soon after 11, enough time to unpack and tidy away any sign of Tina , water the plants, visit with some friends and then more generally tidy up before my own girls returned, all remnants of my weekend removed.


Although I did jump at the opportunity to go to Pink Punters, I did have some doubts.

In fact I have been having a few doubts about the whole tgirl business these last few months.  Quite why this is I am not sure, I guess we all have our ups and downs.  I know some girls go through purges but I haven’t been THAT bad, lol.  But I have not done any solo shopping trips all year.  I haven’t been down to Folkestone to see my friend Barbara.  There was one night, that ‘I didn’t fancy’ going to my regular monthly Fabuliss night. There have been nights when A-M has invited me to dinner at home when I have said, ‘No, I am not in the mood’.   To be honest I wasn’t looking forward to Sparkle all that much (except to see old friends).  Quite what I put this down to I don’t know.  Most trannies seem to go through mood swings.  I am not sure that they are emotional or hormonal in the sense that women often get, but we get them all the same.  Some tgirls don’t like the heat or have less opportunity in summer.  I can understand that but I’m not sure it applies to me.  Maybe it is old age creeping up, whatever that is.  I certainly creak.  And the back takes longer to recover after a day in heels just as it does after a game of golf.

On the other hand, while I sometimes have nagging feelings as to why I am doing it or whether I should continue to do it, in nearly every case after the event, I realise that I’ve really enjoyed myself and had a great time.  Even better, on the whole, when my wife is enjoying it too.

That applies to pretty much any of the events I’ve done in the last 12 months.  Thames Boat trips, Christmas Parties, Lunches, BBQ’s, trips to Brighton, Ronnie Scotts in London, regular Fabuliss events, special Fabuliss events, Sparkle, Pink Punters……….  wow, really I’ve loved them all and had a great time, even if I’ve had my doubts.

It’s such a pleasure to dress up.  And it seems so much easier to chat and have a good time when I’m dressed.  Is that so bad?  Is it so wrong to have these feelings?

What about these people who want to talk to us? Other tgirls, yes lots,  real women/or girls yes lots, even the occasional guy that might want to chat (I can’t say there are many, I think I give off the vibe that says ‘no men’)  Actually, I guess men feel awkward for the most part, whereas real women are often fascinated, and generally take it as a compliment.  They are certainly interested enough to want to talk to you, to find out what you are about.  And it can be such fun.  Something I just don’t do naturally in other walks of my life.  Actually, something I don’t want to do in male mode.  Something I couldn’t do all the time.  Something I like to split and say this is what I like doing as a guy and this as a woman.  Do these things as a tgirl.  Do these things as a guy.   Sure there will be overlap, but not too much.   I guess shaving all over is primarily for my girly side, but since I’ve started doing it, it hasn’t really impacted my guy side so why not.  Well only that my wife doesn’t like it, but then I try to compromise.  She may not see it all the time but I do.  And I only needed to shave ‘so much’ at the weekend because of the dresses she had suggested I wear!

Just one special note.  I’ve heard that Linda that runs Fabuliss has not been well and the August Fabuliss was cancelled as a result.  I just want to say that you are one special lady amongst many ( I would include my wife, many of my friends wives, Barbara in Folkestone, Jo Grant in Portsmouth, Marla of the River City Gems in Sacramento in that category, to name just a few).  So many really genuine women that do so much for us tgirls, I don’t know why.  Maybe they like us, maybe in some cases they just put up with us, but there are plenty out there that spend their time organising events on our behalf, offering services for us (and only rarely making much out of us),  using their skills to make us look pretty.  Or when you are out and about, it is the women that want to talk to us.  The women (or girls) that go out of their way to say that you look nice.

So thank you Linda, I hope you get well soon.  Thank you everyone; from the bottom of my tranny heart.  Those that accept us, those that nourish us, those that cherish us.  Thank you.

Hugs Tina x


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  1. Hi Tina,

    As you know, I don’t get much time en femme, and getting it isn’t always easy. I get those periods when going en femme isn’t important, or isn’t what I want or need. Similar to yourself there I think. We differ in how we see ourselves though, but I like looking into your life, and other girls lives, and the differences, and activities of you all are fascinating.

    Getting back to the times when I don’t want to go en femme – I haven’t got introspective on the issue – It’s just life, it wobbles around and comes back when the time is right. If I had as much en femme time as yourself, perhaps then I would resent the periods when life gets in the way of doing it – but I get the feelings you cope ok there. Longevity? the girls that transition will be doing it in their eighties, so you and I have plenty of time in hand – LoL.

    Hmmm, I’m not sure whether my musings are a help or a hindrance – LoL. Hugs for you and A-M.

    Anna x

    Comment by Anna Arendt | August 10, 2010 | Reply

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