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June 2010~Miss Fabuliss!

It’s been an exciting few days.  My birthday on Wednesday and of course I don’t look a day older than ……yesterday!

Well it has been 3 months since my last Fabuliss outing; It’s monthly on the 1st Wednesday in Liphook, Hampshire and I’d missed one night due to a very painful back and another having to pick my father in law from the airport, but I’d always intended to go the showpiece Miss Fabuliss, especially as last years was so successful.  Organiser Linda had asked me if I was entering which she knew would be unlikely, then asked if I would be a judge. Wow, yes, what an honour to be asked.

I got home and chatted this over with my wife and suddenly realised that it would be my birthday!  Would she agree to come, so that we could spend my birthday evening  together as Tina?  I was chuffed to bits when she said yes, and even better when Linda asked her to be judges adjudicator so that we could sit together on the front table.  Here she is…  isn’t she lovely?

Judging, like everything else at Fabuliss  is very organised with 2 tgirls and 2 real girls marking each contestant out of 10 in 4 categories:-  Style/Elegance;  Poise/ deportment; Personality and finally Beauty.  Rachel Hawnt Lancaster who sang for us at Christmas was invited back to be compere.

We had 18 contestants and a special room had been set aside for those that needed to change.  It has lots of mirrors too so the girls had every opportunity to look beautiful and they did!

Each girl walked the catwalk, posed for photos and was interviewed by Rachel.  This year it was a lot of fun as Rachel was able to spend quite a long time with each girl finding out what made them tick.  I really enjoyed this part as so many of the girls have a great personality and Rachel gave each of them an opportunity to shine.

While I was busy marking, my wife A-M took the chance to grab at least one photo of each contestant. I have posted photos of each of the contestants on my 2nd Flickr site here


… so you can see that there were some great outfits.  Photographer Tim Savage was again taking official professional photos and had offered a photo shoot opportunity to the Winner and two runners-up.  Transliving again offered a magazine subscription and both Femesque and Sugar and Spiced were offering make-overs.  Bountiful Bosoms (!) and Treloggan wigs were also sponsoring the event and offering prizes.  What a great incentive to enter!

All the girls looked lovely and judging was very difficult especially the category of beauty.  After all we all feel beautiful, but how do you judge a girl’s beauty when the age spectrum is so wide?  Actually I especially liked a couple of the older girls, and Michelle and Chelle did great and were only just outside the prizes.

But there was only one winner and that was Abi from Reading.

Tall and striking in a full length ballgown with ruched bodice, a deep royal purple, this beauty and brains had personality to boot and had a wonderfully natural way of walking.  She would sashay beautifully from side to side in a very natural rhythm and later I saw her twirl her breasts (in a nice way, of course!) while keeping her upper body still.  Magnifique!  And later after being presented her prizes and Miss Fabuliss sash and tiara from last years winner Tanya Cede, she actually came to the microphone and sang.  Multi-talented and very brave girl.

Selina 2nd and Trudi 3rd reversed last year’s positions and both looked very elegant, but the scoring behind Abi was very tight and Charlene, Dee and Christina also did well.  In fact all the girls did well even with 4 categories I found it tough to split them.

Thanks go to all the background organising from Linda and Natasha and support staff.  Rachel was a great compere, has just a lovely bubbly personality herself and made it easy for all the girls.  Later she also sang, a great voice and really talented and got us all dancing.

I don’t know how many were there.  I guess there were half a dozen round tables of up to 10, the judges table, the contestants themselves, so we might have got to 70 or 80, possibly more.  There was a real buzz about the place, lots of gg’s (genuine girls) as well as us tgirls, lots of chatter and always a lively bar to retire too.

A-M my wife had a lovely time and has promised to visit more often.  Last night she invited Tina to another evening at home, and today we are going to drive down to Portsmouth for a BBQ at Georgia’s and Nena’s.  Should be good.  Not sure whether I shall be watching England v USA tonight. there as Tina or back home and out in male mode, but either way it should be a great day.

Hugs to all; sorry I’ve not been writing or visiting much recently; I will try to do better!!

TinaCortina xx


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  1. Wow sounds lke you had a wonderful time. you also have a wonderful wife for being so supportive.

    Comment by susanmiller64 | June 12, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Susan, thanks for dropping by.

      Yes, I know I am very lucky to have a supportive wife. It is not always easy for her, especially when we are out together, but she goes out of her way to make me feel special which is truly wonderful. I can recommen Fabuliss to anyone. It’s a shame you are so far away, but I know you have plenty of places that you go!!

      Hugs Tina xx

      Comment by TinaCortina | June 20, 2010 | Reply

  2. Hi Tina,

    So nice to see you back in print and new pics, which I like too.

    Happy Birthday,

    Hugs, Anna

    Comment by Anna Arendt | June 13, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Anna

      Hope you are well; I must get over to see what you have been writing which I will do now. Imediately, lest I forget!!

      Hugs Tina x

      Comment by TinaCortina | June 20, 2010 | Reply

  3. Wow! Thanks so much for your kind words! Can’t remember twirling my breasts, but so much of that evening is a total blur! What were the categories we were judged on? If that’s not a secret! 🙂

    Comment by Abi | June 20, 2010 | Reply

  4. Hi Abi

    You looked really great that night and I see you credit Femesque in part for your look. Sorry I got your name spelt wrong but I will change it above!

    The categories I mentioned in the blog above!! Maybe you went straight to your lovely picture, who can blame you!!

    Style/Elegance; Poise/ deportment; Personality; Beauty

    Hope I get the chance for a chat at Fabuliss or elsewhere

    Hugs Tina x

    Comment by TinaCortina | June 20, 2010 | Reply

    • So you did! Ooops! 🙂

      Comment by Abi | June 21, 2010 | Reply

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