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Snow, snow, snow!

Happy and healthy New Year to you all!

Well, down here in Hampshire (UK), we are all in the grips some of the worst (best?) snow for years.  I reckon we had about a foot last night and today we’ve been going nowhere.  I did leave both cars at the top of the road but we have to drive a mile to a gritted road and unless you have a 4×4 its a bit risky.  This is a shame as my office is only 10 minutes away and the rest would be quite easy.  When you run your own business, you do have a slightly different attitude of going to work.  One of my daughters is a teacher up in the Midlands; they only had a few inches but the school was closed and she is delighted!!

I do have to say it is very pretty and I’ve taken lots of pics.  And isn’t the snow great quality?  Dry and light but great for snow balls and snow men.  Everyone is out walking and judging from our road its seen very few cars.  I did clear my drive and while doing that and having a short walk I have talked to more of my neighbours and passers-by than in the last 5 years put together. Why do we live in our own little enclave and only come out and be civil when it snows!!

Today I have seen sledges and snow boards and I gather they have been ski-ing down one of the roads close by.  My youngest is ski-ing in the alps at the moment and we will be in the Trois Valleees in a couple of weeks.

I’ve just heard announced that closeby on the A3 near Hindhead, there are 250 cars abandoned on a 5 mile stretch. I’m just hoping I can get out tomorrow, but of course it will freeze over so the general consensus is stay warm, stay at home.

Tonight is twelfth night and we had to put away our two Christmas trees and all the lights and decorations.  I dumped one tree in the middle of the snow and hope it is still there tomorrow for a pic.  It was a great Christmas and New Year even if I did have to work in between.   We are promised more light snow over the next couple of days and another big dump on Sunday.  I can’t see this clearing for a while.

Wherever you are I hope you stay safe.  Maybe I’ll have a chance for more blogging over the next couple of days.

Hugs Tina xx


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  1. Hi Tina,

    We had a lovely family Xmas too – loads of games, repartee, and no fall-outs – can’t be bad can it. We took our decorations down on New’s Year Eve, as we had to nip down to Kent to see to Mum. Tried to go home yesterday, and turned back after 20 miles, only got as far as Charing – LoL.

    I’m looking forward to a fun and blog filled 2010. HNY to you and your readers.

    Anna x

    Comment by Anna Arendt | January 8, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Anna

      Sorry to hear you were trapped down South (with the rest of us!). After 2 days of attempts to get my car into work, I walked today!! Only just over 3 miles but it is definitely very up and down and took about an hour and 5 mins each way. There weren’t many others that made it. Hope you are not ‘trapped’ too long. Take care, in all ways!

      Hugs Tina xx

      Comment by TinaCortina | January 8, 2010 | Reply

      • Hi Tina,

        We got out at the second attempt, the following day. My son is disappointed though – he’s in London. His complaint is that they have so little snow, they can’t even play in it, yet the transport sytem has shut down. LoL.

        Hugs Anna xx

        Comment by Anna Arendt | January 9, 2010

  2. Well Tina as far as I am concerned you can keep the snow. Oh yes, it is lovely on picture postcards and it is lovely if you don’t need to go anywhere but it makes travelling a pain in the proverbial ****. No thank you, it’s not for me. You can have my share if you wish…..LOL………Love

    Shirley Anne xxx

    Comment by Shirley Anne | January 14, 2010 | Reply

  3. Hi Tina
    its good to catch up with you again. I see you have really had the snow too! When I was up in Bristol last week it was beautiful but I didn’t really have alot of time to enjoy it. Hows life with you lately? I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the comment you left for me when I had to leave so quickly last week. When I got back on Sunday and read it I was really touched by yours and others too, thank you. I hope I can be there for you too one day.

    I will write again soon, but I felt I must write to you today and let you know I am thankful for your well wishes and for your friendship
    Helen xxx

    Comment by Helen Chapel | January 20, 2010 | Reply

  4. Hello Tina,
    Clicking here and there in your blog and found this beautiful winter picture. It looks like a scene from Narnia, the the pathway back to the wardrobe closet back to the children’s real life. 🙂
    Take care – Anna (Delaware, USA)

    Comment by writersdelight | August 30, 2010 | Reply

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