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3 Jun09 ~ Girly weekend in Brighton

Hi girls

I haven’t often done girly weekends. As much because I have generally preferred to do things as Tina that involve my wife. I would always prefer her to be there if possible, although aside from Sparkle we have never done a whole weekend. The Brighton trip came about because I’d thought it was the Bank Holiday weekend and she was due to be was away on a cruise with her Dad, sister and a couple of Aunts. I’d got the wrong weekend, but when it came to it she was happy that I should still go.

There were 6 of us travelling from the South, Portsmouth, Southampton, Billingshurst, so I decided to drive alone. The weekend started well when my wife agreed I could borrow a long white skirt, which I chose to travel in. The weather was glorious and I decided to go early on the Saturday. I checked in the Heathers in Lower Rock Road at 12 noon. The room wasn’t ready but I did get one of the 3 parking spots, which was ideal.

I then did a walk along the front and had a lovely relaxed lunch in a Terrace Bar that overlooks the sea, the piers, the prom. The outside seats all had a lovely view and they were in short supply but I had a nice Greek salad with Pitta bread and a couple of large White wine spritzers. I finished that off an hour and a half later with a decent sized Ice Cream portion, all for about £15.

The waitress was very kind and took a couple of pictures and the nice thing about the place was that anyone on a table of 2, 4 or my own table of 6 was left alone for as long as they wished to stay, even though people were queuing to get in all the time. As it happens, I wouldn’t have minded sharing, but it appeared to be their policy and was very relaxing.

Georgia, Katie and Rachel were travelling together and arrived about 2pm. Penny and Michelle expected to be there around 5:30pm. A disparate but entertaining group, what do we have? an NHS project manager, a fire-fighter, a psychiatric/mental health nurse (a matron as she liked to be called), a family haulage business and my own market research business. Not that it mattered, we could have been anything, but above all we are confident girls that like to be out and about, interacting with the public.

The Heathers is hardly a classy hotel; Four of us had what was called a quad room and the other two had a standard twin. Our quad had a balcony over the front door (and my car!) with side views of the sea, around 400 yards away. The ‘quad’ was actually two rooms + a bathroom, one with 2 sets of bunks beds + a divan bed, then another room with another separate double bunk. Not enough room to swing a cat but it meant we could all sleep on the bottom bunk!! £40 a person including breakfast, can’t complain.
Anyway, Eva from Italy and Girly from St Lucia, the 30-35 year old ‘managers’ of the place gave us a warm welcome and promised to go out with us that night, having met our Portsmouth crowd 3 months earlier. In the end they didn’t make it, but they certainly enjoyed having us there.

We spent most of the afternoon in a pub garden in St James St near the hotel. Katie chose to go in ‘bloke’ mode but Rachel and Georgia were out in the tiniest possible denim hot pants. That’s Rachel with me in the picture above. As you can see she loves heels and showing her legs and has a personality to go with it. Plenty of banter in the streets, especially when spotting some huge gay guys sitting out in the sun. We had no trouble in sparring with the very mixed groups in the tiny garden. The ‘MAC’ make-up girl was especially complimentary about how we looked!

Back to the hotel and standing outside in the sun, with the odd can of Fosters, or glass of Southern Comfort (I should have shares) we met up with the other groups staying in the hotel. …amongst which 2 stag parties and one group of hens in gorgeous pink tutu, identical outfits (you can see pics on my flickr site).The groom from Derby was also in a dress (why, we wonder?) but had neither hair, nor make-up so much merriment when they met us. An hour or so later, he had a spare wig from Rachel and make-up from the girls ~ that must have been an interesting night for him, I wonder if he will tell his wife how much he enjoyed it.

The other groups just enjoyed talking with us. The usual questions, why do you do it? do you like men? etc etc It’s a great ice breaker being a tranny. But the girls wanted pictures with us, and Charlotte, bride to be, was a star, just out to have a fun night… she came down with a bottle of champagne and immediately offered a glass. We had a load of pics on the steps and I have to say it was all good clean fun. After all they were just my kids ages 25ish and we were 35-55!!

But age no barrier, we decided to go off and have at least a first drink together…… but can you believe it, the first two bars we went to, first the ‘R bar’ and then to ‘Legends’ (both gay bars on the walk down to the Steine) and neither would let them in. Not wouldn’t let us the trannies in, they wouldn’t let the gorgeous young hens in!!
Apparently, beautiful hens don’t like being hit upon in the gay bars so they have stopped allowing them in. It was a shame, but we wanted to stay local…. Rachel now in 5 inch heels haha, so we split up.

The evening had many drinks, lots of dancing and lots of fun at respectively the R bar (lively), Revenge (packed) and the Ghetto (strangely quiet) and we ended back at the hotel at the relatively early hour of about 1:30. The girls were back and we were up to room 106 for a bit of raucous fun. Penny was soon wearing one of the tutu outfits; a dildo or at least a phallus appeared to have appeared from somewhere and the girls loved playing with that. Even my silicon beauties were shown off and handed around for inspection. It was all clean fun and we left at a respectable hour.

Back to our room now and Georgia and Katie seemed stretchered on their beds. Rachel and I went to the bay window sat and chin-wagged all philosophical stuff of course, until lo and behold at about 3 we started having a conversation with Chris who was outside the hotel, I think he might have been a best man. So we invited him up for a while, he stayed half an hour, rolled a joint. It got passed around and when it got to Rachel she chucked it out the window……what a hoot!

Oh well, I think we were in bed at 3:30. Up first at 8ish, I tried to make myself look presentable for breakfast. Lots of chat and hugs with Eva serving breakfast (it was her last day!!) then the others appeared. More chatter at the front of the hotel, (Katie, just how do you remember all their names?) promises to stay in touch, much searching for my car keys (hurriedly thrown in case) and we then departed for a last walk on the prom in search of coffee, drinks and ice cream. Much too far in heels and already getting oh so hot, me in my best girly jeans, t-shirt…


Back home for about 2, as it is almost a two-hour drive. Shattered but strangely happy. A great weekend, good company, met some real characters, got to know our group that bit better. Georgia, thanks for organising it…you are great company!

My wife, love her, on the patio reading a book, just a tiny bit worried I might be seen by the neighbours. An hour or so (I was shattered!) to unpack & clean off, do my nails, cut my nails and heh presto I was ready to cook the Barbeque for a couple of close friends for about 5pm.
As I said I would have been happy for my wife to be there. There was nothing going on that I would have been ashamed of. But I guess I wouldn’t have had the whole w/e experience. Anyway, tonight and as I write this, guess where she is?
Well Fabuliss, of which I have written much, asked if she would participate in a Partner group. Apparently there is one girl in particular who has recently found out her husband is TG and needs some support. Linda, who runs Fabuliss, has managed to put together a group of 8 for a social and a chinwag. Could be interesting….. I know it is a favourite past-time of wives to talk about their hubbies when out…… but seriously, I hope it works out ok, I’m sure it will. After all A-M is a star!

Hugs to all; Countdown to end of Yahoo360 continues

Love TinaCortinaxx

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