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The end of Yahoo360

It has taken it’s time but we now have the death throes. They told us 18 months ago that they were going to close us down. Many left but some of us waited until the end.

Well for one, I am glad I did. I like the format of Y360. It is sufficiently separate and private and it is a place where you can say what you feel without all your friends feeling that you are talking about them all the time!

Facebook may be great for staying in touch with your friends but its not very private, has no real place to blog properly and has all those annoying applications. To be honest I never worked it out and have never felt the inclination to work it out.

At Y360, each person’s page is unique and has a separate feel. And there are none of those annoying ads. You can also find some really interesting blogs just by surfing from one friend, to a friend of a friend, and to another ad infinitum. And I guess others find you in the same way.

No need to ask to ‘add as a friend’, unless you want to stay. No need to accept a friend, unless they have something interesting to say. And the comments, much more meaningful, not just a one worder.

Well Yahoo 360, it’s due to close July 12 or similar, so I guess I won’t have time to write a Sparkle 2009 blog here. I must have been here 3 years because on my 1st blog I was chatting about Sparkle 2006 and since then I’ve racked up 83 blogs, about 2.3 blogs a month. That sounds about right; every couple of weeks, I feel the need to say a little something.

I like to think I have something to say.. not a lot, but it keeps me happy. And occasionally I have looked back, wallowing in the nostalgia of it.

Where will I go? Well I will definitely find somewhere. Yahoo will move them to your Yahoo ‘profile’ if you want. Or to other ‘popular’ Blogging tools most of which I hadn’t heard of!!

I have a copy of all my blogs; that is a good start, but how easy it would be to transfer them, I don’t know. If Yahoo will do it for you fair enough.

But what I really want is to maintain the feel of them. The photos, the comments, yes they are important. I haven’t really gone in for youtube videos or the like. I may on occasion have tried for more than one pic. Will they transfer Ok? The main thing is their look. You don’t want a blog with those little pink square showing you there was once a photo. Will they maintain the font and type face etc?

Oh and the order of course. And ideally the date they were written, not the date they were copied, or transferred. If they are to be a diary then they need to have dates.

5 weeks then to decide… to make preparations….maybe the chance for one or two more blogs.

I care? Does anyone else?


TinaCortina xx

ps a pic from my recent w/e in Brighton; hopefully I will write that up in a day or two


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  1. i plan to use both yahoo’s new profile as well as “my space”. i have just opened an account with my space.

    but i agree with you there doesn’t seem to be anything out there with as nice a layout as Y360.

    Comment by Anonymous | June 3, 2009 | Reply

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