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07 Mar09 ~ I feel so young!

Hi girls

Had a lovely evening in last night. We sat in the dining room and had one of wife’s lovely meals, chatted away all evening like the best friends we can be, and then got up to dance. We danced most of a Gloria Estefan CD, then put on Barry White, isn’t he just great? He really can get you going!! A-M, you’re my first, my last, my everything!

Later, much later when I was lying back just in a nice dreamy haze before dropping off, I thought to myself what is it I like about being Tina and came to what I thought was a startling revelation…..


We all get older, and we each have our statutory aches and pains ~ I’ve had two back ops, my wife has had her ankle and knee problems…..but being Tina gives me a rush. I feel younger, I feel like I was when I was young. More energy, more dynamism, I want to do things. I like to do the things that I did when I was younger. Go out, dance, meet people, engage with people.

I have met so many as Tina in the last 6 or 7 years, friends that I like to stay in touch with, people who I enjoy chatting to… and I listen, I empathise, I like to read people’s blogs, I like to send emails, I like to look at (the nicer) flickr picture sites.

I like to see people looking good, I like to see people enjoying themselves…and I like to talk one to one…..just like I did when I was younger.

That is not to say that I’ve forgotten how to have fun as a guy; We’ve just come back from Jerez with my father in law, my daughter and 9 of my very best friends. And we had a ball, we did everything there was to do in Jerez and I intend to write a separate blog on it. We were away 3 nights and I stayed up until 3am, 6am and 3am and still made breakfast the next morning!!

So it is not that I don’t have the energy, when the occasion demands it. I guess I know that drink helps keep me going and I drink too much which is why I have cut back so much over the last couple of months (that and the diet!). But by contrast, I have had many evenings out as Tina when I’ve just had the odd glass of wine, or stayed on the tonic water and yet I’m still ‘up for it’.

I can look in the mirror as Tina and see plenty of lines on this tired old face of mine, but make-up gives you a second chance…an opportunity to cover up some of those cracks…a chance to create a new look, a new you, you feel good, you look good and you feel so much younger. No spring chicken, but heh I could almost go on that show ’10 years younger’. Start with my male self and finish as Tina!!!

And another thing that set me thinking. I know that as Tina especially at home, I am more relaxed, more pliable, less argumentative, and I think more interesting, more sexy, more fun to be with.

My male side feels the responsibilities in life, worries about work, often sees the negative in people, can be moody, causes stressful situations and somehow can’t find a way out of situations that constantly repeated… potentially a never-ending spiral. Yes, he can break out of it now and again, with holiday, treats, sport, through friends & family, but as you get older more aches = less good humour…everything seems more difficult, requiring more effort.

I don’t want to be overly negative about this, but does anyone agree with me?

Tina is young, Tina is positive. Tina is different.

Just sitting here writing this blog. I just came down in girly jeans and jumper…and last night’s high heels, yesterdays jewellery and shock horror, last night’s make-up, sleep removed from corner of eyes…YUK!! But I still feel good. I have so many good vibes. I feel positive, I feel invigorated, I’m ready to attack the day, attack the chores, attack the world. Would I stay like this all the time? NO! But a regular top up dose does wonders.

So all those gg (genuine girl) readers (like who??). Take on the challenge. Spread a little excitement. Dress up the girl in your man and see the benefits………..!!

Or…… on the other hand, get ready to share the bathroom, your clothes, take photos for the rest of your life!!

Right, I’m off to finish clearing last night’s mess. Then it’s Boiled egg and soldiers, orange juice (sorry Angela!) and Coffee for my dear lady. And in a little while, I will go and get changed!

Isn’t life wonderful?

If you have been, thanks for reading

Love & hugs………. TinaCortina xx


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  1. Hi Hun,
    Such a happy blog and so many true words spoken in it it does make you feel happier,younger and sexier you can forget the trails of everyday life and enjoy the feeling of pure female sexuality wash over you in moments of happiness and bliss its slightly different once fulltime and living as a woman but still the feelings compared to male mode/old life are sooooo nice soooo different and soooo enjoyable so yes Tina life is indeed Wonderful xxx

    Comment by Anonymous | March 8, 2009 | Reply

  2. Brilliant, Tina! I agree with every word. I’m much more relaxed and content as Angie, and not only do I feel younger but I look younger too. Gone is the greying hair and the receding hairline and gone too (well almost) is the dreaded evening shadow.

    Come to think of it, Angie really IS younger than Mike. He is pushing 60; she is only about 15 (yes, that’s about as long as I’ve been taking this tv/ts thing seriously) and like most teenagers she has a wardrobe of clothes and ‘nothing to wear’!

    Comment by Angie | March 10, 2009 | Reply

  3. Hi Tina, yes, I get the young feelings too. I think your blog is good medicine; I’m prescribing it to every one who needs a bit of fun in their lives. LoL

    Hugs, Anna

    Comment by Anonymous | March 18, 2009 | Reply

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