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13 Feb, 2009 ~ More on Fabuliss

Hi girls
Did you see all that stuff in the Daily Mail about Fabuliss in Liphook? (if not just google Daily Mail transvestites!) Stupid article which outed a decent tranny for no reason beyond the fact that she and her GG (genuine/genetic girl) partner have organised a regular event at the local community centre.
Damn, they have just taken the article down.
Oh well, you can though read a much more balanced report in a local paper http://www.petersfieldpost.co.uk/news/Transvestite-39invaders39-more-than-wel…
The original article was really ‘sick’. It showed the front page of the Fabuliss website included pics from the site, no doubt copyrighted, of Linda and Natasha AND the photographers stalked their house and took a pic of Natasha in bob mode, totally startled and then truly outed him by printing his name. Apparently, someone had complained that the Fabuliss events took place at the same time as the Scouts elsewhere in the building (so what!). They then found a 75yr old major to voice concern. And then attacked Natasha and Linda for having a pic on the website, with Alison Dale (who granted is an escort), who they had met at another unconnected event. I ask you!
Google ‘Fabuliss’ and you get their website. Funnily enough, you also get my blog site and flickr site as 4th and 5th on the list as I wrote last month about Fabuliss and did a couple of pics on my flickr site. It does show you the power of the internet and the care you have to take about using tags if you want to remain anonymous. I have temporarily made all A-M’s (my wife) pics ‘private’ on my flickr site.
The article had also talked about BMW’s and Mercs in the Sainsbury car park. Heh, that was me as I’d parked next to a Merc!!
But more important, these are really good events and what the Daily Mail did was well out of order. Basically Linda and Natasha are just providing a local service to tgirls. Purely social, just good fun and any profits they make – and they only charge max £12 to cover hire of community centre, sometimes a buffet, sometimes a cabaret act, they roll over to next event.
Well Liphook is just up the road from me (5 miles) so I’d be a fool not to have tried it out, even if it is almost too local, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I went to the December Christmas party (60 there, they also had a drag act which was a laugh if you like that sort of thing) and there were 30+ in January for a quiet evening in the bar. Again a good night and they’d invited a Portsmouth wig company to come along.
Anyway, 90-95% of the 107 comments on the Daily Mail on-line Forum were supportive which was nice to know, as were the people that commented on the local Liphook web-site, http://www.liphook.co.uk/?section=community&page=news&show=yes&id=310 and follow through to the full thread.
In fact, I went again on Wednesday just gone as the plan is to run monthly every second Wednesday. I was pleased to go to show some support, even more so as A-M had encouraged me to go despite being rather nervous that press and/or louts might turn up. In the event, it was a really good night. We had a Burlesque dancer (a bit like a mini Magic Theatre!) and another great buffet all for £10. Despite a wet night and the problems there must have been 40-50 there, maybe a few more.
Actually I sat on a table with 2 other trannies + 4 GG’s. Dawn was a local who was just about to open a hairdresser shop. She had had some past contact with tgirls. The other 3 women came from Butterfly a lingerie shop in Petersfield. Again they had had some contact with tgirls or men buying for themselves and came along to see if they might be able to push their business. All 4 said they would come again.
There were also a number of local residents that had contacted Linda and Natasha to show some support ~ and she invited them along so numbers were boosted by that, although some regulars would I think have been put off. Anyway, they spread themselves around sitting on various tables and mid-way through the evening the Liphook locals were asked to stand up and we all applauded their bravery and support.
Apparently some have asked to come back again, which is great.
On a separate topic, I also had a great evening in Portsmouth, last Saturday. A-M was having a girl’s night at Stansted with some of our Essex friends, so I arranged to meet up with ‘my mate’ Georgia and a new friend Katie, both of whom went to the January Fabuliss.
Anyway, first off, I’d offered to pick Georgia up on the way as she lives in Horndean, literally just off the A3. I knew she was going to ask me in so I knocked on the door……..horror of horror it was the wrong door!! The guy looked bemused but said if I was looking for ‘m’ he lived next door!! Georgia is a star (and a brazen hussy, lol) and she said not to worry, she would reserve a big smile for him next time she was out in ‘bob’ mode!
Georgia took me to Nena’s house where I also met Rachell. I then left there to pick up Katie + girlfriend Fiona and we went to the Old Vic (gay pub in Portsmouth) for an hour or two. Everyone that night has been invited to a party at Jo Grants house (another GG that has set up a dressing/make-over service, google Sugar and Spiced, if interested – they also have a members only forum (free!).
So around 10:30 pm we all trooped around Jo’s house. It was actually billed as a Body Piercing party and an ‘expert’ had been invited who for a discounted fee would do all sorts ~ I gather one lady had 3 rings in her labia!! Not for me! And anyway, this happened upstairs and so unless someone came down and announced it, as Jo did when she had a tongue stud, you wouldn’t have known it was going on.
It was a great party, a totally mixed crowd, young and old, maybe 7 or 8 tgirls mixing it with ‘kids’ in early 20’s or guys and girls from our (my!) age group and as you all know I am ancient. In fact some of the youngsters were in a band and one had a guitar, so at one stage there was much jolly jamming ~ they were really good.
I loved it. I only wish A-M could have been there. It was bit like student parties as I remember them. Everyone would talk to everyone. Anyway, two events inside a week and two opportunities to make more ‘girlfriends’, two chances to mix with the ‘general public’ and not a problem in sight.
So shame on the Daily Mail for its trashy article. Just shows that even the supposed middle of the road papers are out of touch.
Still exciting times for Tina, eh…….and Valentines Night to come tomorrow!
Take care all
TinaCortina xx
Picture above with Miss Honeymoon! Isn’t she small, haha, what I really mean is arn’t I tall!!http://www.flickr.com/photos/tina_cortina/

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  1. Hi Tina,
    Great to read about the fantastic support for Fabulis. Being so high on the google hit list means that you should get a wide coverage of the Daily Mails poor attitude towards minority groups. The press should be standing up for groups like us, so the fact that they aren’t shows how hard it’s going to be to combat discrimination.
    Hugs Anna

    Comment by Anonymous | February 13, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hi Tina, Thanks for your interesting Blog. I followed the Daily Mail article with some alarm. I was heartened by the positive response from the public but it must be awful for the poor people who set up Fabuliss. I’m so pleased that they are going to continue – I hope to come to the next event. Best wishes, Patsy (PS. Please say Hi to Georgia for me when you next see her)

    Comment by Patsy | February 17, 2009 | Reply

  3. firstly, lol wrong dooor !! lol thats funny 🙂
    well daily mail eh ? No surprises there on the article, but we wont go in to newspaper politics 😉
    another great blog though 🙂

    Comment by Anonymous | April 26, 2009 | Reply

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