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Boing, Boing!

With a rather big event happening in my life tomorrow, and having broached the subject with many of my tgirl friends in the past, I wonder to what extent trannies like sport?

It would certainly appear that many do not and I wonder if the proportion is even lower amongst those that are far along the route to transitioning. I would be interested to know the figures. I know plenty of real girls that do like sport, although I accept that the majority would not enjoy a double-bill of premiership football or rugby. Does this apply equally to tgirls? and if so is it me that is in the minority?

Me I have always enjoyed playing sport, any kind of ball sport, from Tennis, Table Tennis, Squash, (Badminton), Golf, Snooker/Pool, Boules/ Petanque, Football and Rugby being rather in the past but I enjoy watching and reading about them. But talk to some about Wembley tomorrow and they just don’t want to know.

Well for the non-sporting amongst you, and those from far afield, tomorrow my (football) team, West Bromwich Albion, take on Portsmouth in the FA Cup semi-final.


West Brom, commonly called WBA, or the Baggies (they were one of the last teams to play in baggie shorts in the fifties) and historically the throstles (emblem is a thrush), are one of 3 championship sides (the English second tier) in the FA Cup semi-finals ~ which is probably unique, Barnsley and Cardiff playing in the other semi. This has been the year of the cup upset with Barnsley knocking out Liverpool and Chelsea, Portsmouth beating Man U away, glorious non league Havant & Waterlooville progressing to the 4th round and scoring 2 v Liverpool and many others shocks.

The current top 4 of the premiership have won the FA cup in 18 of the last 20 years, so this is our chance! Maybe even our last chance!

West Brom haven’t won it since 1968 and yet, we’ve won it 5 times overall which is 8th best and one more than Chelsea!, lost a further 5 in the final and have just overtaken Aston Villa in the number of semi-finals (I think that is 4th best overall).

But at the moment we are 4th in the Championship and really need to get promotion back to the top flight. Can we do both? Well we did in 1934 (winning div2 as well as the cup) and in 1954 we almost did the double (winning the cup and 2nd in the league, so history shows we can fire on two fronts.

Tomorrow I shall be taking out my blue and white scarf and my son and I will be off to New Wembley in the hope of glory. I am hoping we will be going ‘Boing! Boing!’ in the aisles, a chant and action peculiar to West Brom fans (as in ‘Boing said Zebedee’ in the magic roundabout) which is a bit like pogo-ing as you imagine you are on a spring.

So there you have the lesson in WBA history. I don’t expect too much support here ~ but I will make a promise to my readers that if we win, my next Tina picture will be with my West Brom scarf!!.

If you’ve got this far, wish me luck!!


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  1. Good luck for tomorrow its great to see another midlands tem in the semi’s and i really hope they go all the way and bring the cup back to Brum. As you know i am a loyal Coventry fan and although yest again we are struggling to survive i am sure that eventually we will be back in the premiership. you have to take the bad times with good im a true fan to my Home team and like yourself am proud of them howerev grey the skies seem. perhaps next season ill take the boys to a home game as my new self !!! but im talking small steps nto a ery big world !!! like i say good luck tomorrow and i am sure the atmosphere will be brilliant so enjoy it hun.
    Hugs Steph x

    Comment by Anonymous | April 4, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hi Tina. Just caught up with your blog today – sorry your team didn’t make it to the semi-finals.

    I used to cheer for Forest but lost interest when Cluffy left, much to the disgust of my closest ts friend, who loves all football and screams her heart out for Newcastle. So maybe she’s not your typical tg girl. As for me, I confine myself to a bit of rugby union and cricket, though I might resurrect my interest in F1 now the Beeb have got it back.

    Comment by Angie | April 6, 2008 | Reply

  3. Hi girls

    Well it was a great day out and I thoroughly enjoyed visitng Wembley even if my team ‘woz robbed’ by a hand of god. At least you are spared the pic of Tina celebrating in an Albion scarf!!

    At least it shows there are girls out there that like sport. I thought I was in a minority!!

    Thanks for the two comments, I do appreciate them!

    Love Tina xx

    Comment by TinaCortina | April 6, 2008 | Reply

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