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I like to read interesting well-written blogs and those that leave one thinking, ‘yes, I’m glad that I read that.’ My few regulars know that I visit their pages when I can and I genuinely enjoy reading new blogs.

I like to follow trails. So I visit a blog of a friend, then a friend of a friend, then another friend of a friend. I generally leave a small comment on the front page or the blog itself, just to say they are appreciated.

I’ve just read some very interesting musings from a girl named JennyJ. Says in her interests she just likes thinking. She seems to like sitting in café’s and watching people; says it inspires her to write and that she can certainly do.

I too enjoy people watching. It suggests to me that you find time to wind down, to slow the pace and relax, to take in and observe what goes on around you. I think this is the true point about blogs. Written words have meaning that spoken words do not.

Another friend Sleeper constantly asks questions of himself and his role in life, his relationships at work and play, and how this relates to the people around him, his wife and kids and the big bad world out there. Oh and he’s told his work mates he is tg.

Wow, inspiring!

Over in the States, Demi constantly asks all the right questions, maybe some wrong ones as well, but is always challenging and often giving her own fabulous line of original thinking. She certainly gets well read. The comments are often as interesting as the blogs!

My own are rather more mundane, rarely more than a time-line driven, ‘I did this, I did that’, with perhaps an ‘isn’t that interesting type comment?’ And then just occasionally I’ll throw in a ‘what is it all for?’ type blog – like this one. Just another excuse to add another Tina pic.

And then maybe I just like the sound of my own keyboard. Afterall, there are plenty out there that like the sound of their own voice. Still I do make myself smile and thats a most important achievement. Why else write? Wicked sense of humour, a little weird, loyal, trusting, open, honest (too honest)…but a little dull, which is why I enjoy all this tg stuff and the work of others, rather more literate and interesting than I.

Heh ho, next blog may be back to ‘I did this, I did that’. Tina went to London! Hold fast!

Love Tina x


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  1. Thank you for the mention Tina! As i always say, “there are no stupid questions, only inquisitive idiots”, and i like to think im only the latter sometimes! As for blogs, I do believe they exist primarily for the writer’s benefit and if others find them interesting so be it (and every picture does tell a story, dont it?) Finally while most people refer to them as “comments” I think of them more as “insights” because each response to my blog turns an observation into a conversation from which i learn! Oh and finally (drone ,drone) I love the narrative, I only wish my life were as interesting to talk about!

    Comment by Demi Lautrec | April 2, 2008 | Reply

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