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Happy New Year everyone!

Well it was a really nice family Christmas. Christmas day, we had beef and duck as promised, 8 at the table, that’s my wife and I, our 3 grown up kids (18-25), my Mum & Dad and my mum’s sister. Partners of two of our kids arrived for Boxing Day for a few days and that afternoon we had a few friends to join us for lunchtime nibbles and afternoon drinks ‘in our new kitchen’ and played ‘who wants to sit on the new bar stools’, all achieved with barely a squabble, lol.

My wife of course is the creative one, the planner the organisier, the chief cook, well actually only cook, as you need one, but only one. As she certainly put on a good show, so well done A-M……..

I decided a long time ago that my role in life at holiday times like this, is to simply act the host and fetch and carry but not be especially creative. Just make sure the drinks are filled up, take someone for the occasional walk or pint as required, find the quietest place (away from television) occasionally finding someone for a quiet natter. Myself eat & drink as little as I can, collapse into bed as early as possible.

The easy way out? Who said it was easy!!

On Christmas Day, my role is to stick around the kitchen while my wife is cooking, on the one hand to offer such assistance and moral support as I can, a bit of washing up here and there, fetch and carry either for her or the other guests and most importantly to keep everyone else out of the kitchen! I’m not as subtle as she is, so am more likely to annoy people by shouting ‘everyone out, give us some space in here’!

My other role, historically was to carve the turkey but as I found out duck is quite another matter.

Jamie Oliver (do you know him over in the States, if I have any American readers?) had perfectly demonstrated the previous Friday (on TV) how you should carve a Turkey or Goose. Start by pulling legs and thighs off (they don’t feel it honest). Cut either side of the backbone to cut the remainder of flesh off (sorry Seux if this is gory), then cut into thick slices when off the bone ensuring each person has meat from both outside and inside.

Does this work on a duck? Well it took me 10 minutes trying to saw through the 1st Duck leg ~ even my wife had a go. Eventually, my daughter took over while I got stuck into carving of the Beef. What a fine specimen of a male I am!

Anyway, my one male role, I do get to choose the wine which is nice and if I am lucky I do get to pour some into my own glass. Other than that, my male role was to singlehandledly wash and dry and clean up the whole bloody mess – well that is everything that doesn’t go into the dishwasher, but then that’s most things…..the biggest plates don’t fit, the glasses need handwashing as do the pans and dripping trays etc etc. All the excess food need putting away. Its a good job I’m not a geordie man, I might not have got up from the table!

Am I unhappy with my lot? Absolutely not. I do find that getting away on my own for a bit, in this case away to the kitchen, is my way of coping with the excesses of Christmas. Too much food, too much drink, too much talk, too much being on top of each other…well I like my space. Each to their own I say!

After Christmas, New Year is almost upon us. The family slowly drifts off….. I manage a day’s golf…..but next day the Saturday between Xmas and New Year the lurgi struck. I’d hesitate to call it man flu as about 9 days later I am still recovering but cold and flu it definitely was. I’ve been at work all of last week but it did impact upon New Year’s Eve. We were due to do a meal + murder mystery but unfortunately the Mum of one of our friends was rushed to hospital on New Years Eve and they couldn’t risk the 120 mile journey to us. The numbers weren’t right for the Murder, so we are saving that and all of our outfits for another time. Nevermind, ‘pictionary’ is an old faithful and that had an airing, along with all the Christmas CD’s, Led Zeppelin, Gabrielle, Van Morrison. I had to get incredibly drunk to survive until about 2am. My wife came up about 6!

While on the subject of Christmas presents. My wife and I usually buy loads of pressies for each other, not usually super expensive but they usually include the odd CD and cheap DVD etc. Well we both bought each other the Porridge Xmas special DVD. We both bought each other Van Morrison ‘Still on Top’. Oh well, shows we are getting old.

As recent tradition has it, we had swopped pressies to and from Tina on Christmas Eve. I had a lovely skirt, two very nice tops, stockings/tights, necklace. I had bought A-M designer jeans, jumper, high heel shoes (despite her bad ankle!), a little black bag and earrings and put together a nice pic of her and her Mum. The next day had brought lots more pressies (including bar stools for the kitchen!!) to & from my drab self…….but this is Tina’s blog so enough of that.

Actually, aside from the pressies and me in my ‘virtual world’ (is it real, I ask myself), Tina has taken an (albeit expected) back seat these last two or three weeks. No dressing ……… (although I did sneak a quick one to see if my new skirt fits), ………..no Tina! Do I care? Well yes, but I do understand. Is there anything to be done about it? No, of course not.

So there you have it. The quiet life of a tranny en drab. Not too exciting but then Christmas is for the family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You watch me once I get rid of these man germs, haha, Tina may yet fly in 2008.

Oh and if I have given the impression I can’t cook, then you should have tasted the curry I cooked a couple of days ago. My wife herself now full of germs and requested ‘something hot to sweat it out’, so I put together an absolutely splendiferous Chicken Curry ‘madras hot’ full of fruit (apple, sultanas, banana and pine nuts) together with Naan (a little too crisp and don’t mention that I would have forgotten to defrost the chicken thighs; ah well! )

Happy New Year everyone!

ps difficult to choose a pic. Not really a good idea to pick the family portrait we had done, so to signify the leap from 2007 to 2008 I picked a splendid photo I found a couple of days ago on Flickr;

Love TinaCortina xx


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  1. awwww lol…that was very entertaining ! 🙂 lol.. well done 🙂 yes I was finding that a tad uncomfy lol..thanks for the mention ! 😉 happy new year sweetpea 🙂 wishing you love health and laughter for the year to come *hug*

    Comment by Anonymous | January 7, 2008 | Reply

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