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My wife said we were an odd couple the other day; what she really meant I think was that Tina is odd and that she is mad to accept her. No perhaps that is not fair, but although accepting, she does still think this little hobby of mine is weird; yes a good choice of word I think!

What does she get out of it? Well I hope, she sees the love I have for her, from both sides whether en femme or not. I am at times an angry person or at least I get stressed and don’t always deal with it in a good way. Tina provides the perfect antidote to the stresses of business life as it adds a persona, a life style that is so far removed that it is like being uplifted and transported to somewhere far far away…..

I often sign in to messenger during the day, it is after all my business and no-one is going to fire me. I’m not always visible and I may just be keeping my eye on emails but it can be a great way of communicating with your wife. If she gets back early, she signs on or sends me a txt……….’ru abt?’ It can be fun to chat like that ~ I enjoy it and I know she does too (always the caveat, for the most part). We just had such a chat.

We have just had a great week together ~ we said hadn’t it been nice? …and I know A-M is especially looking forward to next Saturday now that some friends will be joining us. This is the UKangels Xmas party at Pink Punters in Milton Keynes and another chance for Tina to get out her gladrags.

Tina had a day out last Thursday (more on that an other time), an evening in at home on Saturday. Tomorrow, I plan to visit a friend in Folkestone and may go afterwards to a do in Basingstoke. Next Wednesday there is a possibility of a pub-meal with 40 other girls/partners. So that is 5 events, two I shall be lucky enough to spend with my partner.

Then it will be put Tina away (except for Christmas Eve when we can swop presents), have the family at home, and a real festive time.

I shall look forward to the pressie swopping………but as a possibility for 2008 there is another thing I shall look forward to. Something my wife said tonight on messenger. We might need to think about it a bit more and I am not sure I want to tempt fate by blogging about it…..yet…….. anyway, that is for next year, lets enjoy the rest of 2007 first!!

It’s a good life, mostly, for the odd couple ~ oh and I’ve just thought of a pic to add to the top of this blog, albeit it from about 3 years ago, on one of the occasions we visited Pink Punters (must get some more pics together!)


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  1. Another insightful and fabulous blog ! Most interesting. I can’t begin to imagine how your wife must feel. I can see you have a great relationship ! Personally, knowing you thus far, I can say that I have a great respect for you and that you heart is in the right place. It does seem you have a wonderful loving wife, the special, once in a lifetime kind who gives unconditional love, which is always heart warming to see and hear about! I can imagine it may be hard in this world of stereotypical social norms and non accepting, judgemental people.I have never been one to judge people on anything really, and never will understand people who do ! But I think your great! And seeing as I can’t think of anything else to say at the moment I shall bog off for now.. *hug*

    Comment by Anonymous | December 10, 2007 | Reply

  2. That’s a great pic of you two! I’m sure that one of my greatest tranny thrills is being able to share Angie with my wife. The relief at not having to keep secrets at home is just lovely.

    Like you, I’ll have to stay in male mode over Christmas, but we’re planning to see in the New Year with a good TS friend of ours, so that will be like Christmas, all over again.

    Comment by Angie | December 10, 2007 | Reply

  3. That’s a lovely message Tina. Pauline and I will be doing the same thing in the new year when our daughter and her UK boyfriend leave to settle in Wellington (she has been away for 10 years in London and has just come home), so I’m looking forward to that. She is a loving wife who treats Nikki as a friend which is so nice for me. We will also be meeting another couple like us who live just a few blocks away so this will be the first time that we will have entertained other ‘couples’. So I count myself very lucky at being able to be me and to have nice friends like you who share their thoughts and experiences.

    Comment by NikkiNZ | December 10, 2007 | Reply

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