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Hi Girls

It is 2007 and I feel I should be saying something positive for the new year.

Well first Happy New Year to all my girl friends! Happily I can say that without flinching meaning both girls and gg’s ~ you are all wonderful.

I have to say that as Tina I know few if any blokes and that is the way I prefer it to stay. I love talking to other tgirls, I love talking to other real girls, because they recognise that heh I am a guy that loves women and is just essentially jealous!!

If guys want to pass a fair compliment then that is Ok and yes it is fun to be treated as a girl, to be treated right but that is as far as it goes. Anyone that gets this far knows that it just ain’t going any further.

GG’s (genuine girls, rg’s real girls, or lets face it the real thing!) well, i like talking to them because I find it easier to talk to them as a girl than I do as a guy. Lets face it if I chatted to real girls as a guy on the net they would be 99% sure what I was interested in and would probably want it themselves. If I chat as Tina I am interested in the real them, without it going further. I can relate to their problems, I don’t impose as a guy, I hope really that they don’t see me as a guy. I want to chat about nice things, girly things sometimes, but real world issues too and that can include their problems which I think as Tina I can empathise far easier.

I relate to others so much better as a tgirl that sometimes it reduces my confidence in my male macho self ~ perhaps I am just out of practice with the macho chat up lines!!

I want to dress often, so I can explore this side of myself, but not so often that it derides or belittles my male side; that is still important to me and it will be for ever more.

I want to take guidance on how others think so feel free to pass comment

Take care Love Tina xx


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  1. Hi Tina….happy new year to you! A big smile came reading that….as I really only know you as Tina and as you know I really do open up to you and have felt comfie enough to do so since we first started to talk,I never really thought about it until reading that! You do give good advice and have never judged me or laughed at what I have to say, I guess when I think about it half I have talked about most men would have and thats why Im so glad to have you as my friend! Thanks girl take carexx

    Comment by dodds | January 6, 2007 | Reply

  2. We are who we are and should make no apologies…I find it easier to talk to guys at times, just depends on what the topic is really….hubby doesnt understand denier measurements of stockings, but he knows a nice basque when he sees one! We all have something to give each other and all in our own ways!

    Comment by Sharron w | January 29, 2007 | Reply

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