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Big Night Out?

Its been a funny few months;

Didn’t make Sparkle in June; The only event I have been to recently was the Brighton Miss TG event with my friend Francine; that was fun as I want to Barbies in Folkestone for a catch up. I try to visit Barbie every couple of months as it is where I started going out 3-4 years ago and she has supported so many girls that are trying to get out for the first time. Now she is a good friend and I just like to visit when I can.

Anyway I knew that I wanted to go on to Brighton afterwards and she gave me a make-over so that I would look my best for the visit to the Koo club in Brighton. Francine had entered the event and I wanted to support her. She looked really good but so did so many of the others. I was amazed at the standard of all the girls.

I am finding it less easy to get out at the moment. My daughter has recently passed her driving test and it means her movements are less exact, meaning I can not always leave the house and come back to it dressed as before.

We were due to go to Manchester this last weekend with our friends Astrid and Sandra. It was to be a Children in Need ball and I was really looking forward to it. But the last few weeks have been difficult. Lots of stress at home, some of it Tina related and in the end we did not go. It would have been a long trip 200 miles + and I decided that A-M did not really want to travel so far.

We had Friday night watching the TV and then Saturday night A-M asked the golden question, did I want to dress? Did I? I was almost gagging for it after so long. Anyway we spent a very pleasant evening in, relaxing, we even got the vinyl out listening to such classics as Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Led Zep 1 and 4 ( we had both decided that Stairway to Heaven should be played at our funeral!!!; for me that and Funeral for a friend Elton John).

Anyway, A-M took some really nice pics and I got to wear my red dress that I would have worn to the Ball, so life is not so bad.

We even got to deciding that we would like to do another event soon to make up for Manchester. Ann-Maria likes Pink Punters in Milton Keynes, so I checked out December and there is a Big Night out (BNO) on Friday 8 December; we got the last room in the Campanile opposite. We’ve never been to a BNO so If anyone out there knows what they are like let me know. Even better, let me know you are going and lets meet up.

For anyone that is interested I have more pics on Flikr, feel free to pass a comment as I don’t have many. http://www.flickr.com/photos/86712422@N00/

Take care##

Love TC xx


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  1. Hi Tina, I hope your well,I often think of how your doing! As for the pics stunning,as you know I love the dress……but the one of you in the lounge dressed in leather is still my fave…….Its the bursting with fun Tina I love to see! Take girl I miss you xx

    Comment by dodds | November 21, 2006 | Reply

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